Thursday, April 20, 2017

Outcome of My Break

As it turns out, a break was just what I needed, though yesterday did not end on a good note.

I went for a long walk. I felt better after, even though my thighs ached miserably. I didn't have problems with sore thighs or hips until pregnancy. I changed the way I walked when I got pregnant and apparently I still walk differently even no longer burdened by a large belly. I've tried several times to be more conscious of how I move but evidently my body doesn't wish to reform its habit.

I did do a Tarot reading. I even took a picture.
This is the Halloween Oracle. I emailed this picture to a friend and she gushed about how pretty the cards are. This is the jack-o-lantern spread. I needed the booklet because I couldn't remember each position in the spread. I've been keeping my decks in my sewing shed because the original plan was to make it a Witchy space where I could both sew and cast. That never really worked because the shed still isn't mine. My husband's tools are still everywhere, 2nd Son started storing his clothes there when he moved back in, and still, despite me pitching a fit, the boys just dump stuff at the door before running off. This morning I decided I need my tools.
The bag holds my decks and my crystal ball is in the round box. I put the crystal ball in my night stand. I have a feeling I will be needing it soon. My decks are going into my sewing projects box.
All the Tarot decks in front of the sewing projects box. I have 2 steampunk decks because each is very different. One is more futuristic/end of days and the other is more Victorian/magick. I use regular playing cards but I can only read if the cards are highly decorative. I bought the Alchemy 1977 deck just because that was the year I was born. I've had other decks over the years. This is what currently appeals to me.  I like having many decks. Sometimes using a different deck gives more perspective.  I've been in situations where only one deck seemed to present the clear truth to me. And it also helps to have many decks when reading for others. I really like the Alchemy deck but it is very dark and not for everyone.

Back to yesterday's reading. Here's the photo again if you want to look while I explain without scrolling all the way to the top:
Card 1. The heart of the issue (The Zombie)
Card 2. The hidden issue (Winter)
Card 3. The major obstacle (The Underworld)
Card 4. The main fear (The Lantern)
Card 5. The solution (Lady De Los Muertos)
Card 6. What will happen if you engage the solution (Dawn)

How I interpret the cards:
I think the Zombie means I might be killing myself doing mindless work or I could be turning something minor into something major and stressing over nothing. Winter as the hidden issue means I fear nothing good will come. The Underworld card emphasizes this. Maybe I fear I am wasting time. The Lantern as a fear Card is interesting. I think I fear what I will find. This echoes me saying cleaning the whole house forces you to deal with your family's lazy ways over and over again. But the solution is good, The Lady is on my side. I think I should embrace my ideals and do things on my terms. The Lady is tough, bold, and beautiful. She is Death, but she enjoys her position. She dances and looks fabulous ruling the after life. Card 6, Dawn, tells me there is a silver lining or reward. I've been afraid I was doing this for nothing or that no one would appreciate what I do.

After doing this reading I decided I was a little too focused on cleaning. I decided I would continue on with getting my house in order, but the house is not my entire life. I also create art and I've put that to the side. This was wrong and it's probably what led to me feeling overwhelmed; I had nothing to look forward to. Now my focus for each day is what can I create? The housework will just have to wait until after my art projects progress.

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