Monday, April 22, 2019

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Witchy Updates

First, I have all the knots colored. Today I will cut them apart, enchant, and choose locations. I am debating if I should do this all at once, a week apart, or every full moon. I think I like 6 different locations in one weekend best.

I've put away my mirrors for the time being. More on the in-laws situation at the end of this post.

I have just one rune left. One more week and I will have worked through the entire system.

I have been using runes in my infinity loop spell. My life is going smoother. This still needs a bit of fine tuning. I need to put my natal chart here rather than having a blank chart.

Now, for an awesome spell- with Easter coming, and knowing the in-laws would probably be in the house, I decided to be proactive. I modified a cleansing spell. I used a small mason jar, added enough lemon juice to cover the bottom of the jar, poured salt on top, then added a bay leaf. The jar is currently in this copper cauldron on top of my bookcase where it can't be seen. I did the spell yesterday because first I wasn't sure if I would have a chance to do it on the weekend, and second because my mother-in-law was coming over to give me a ride since the radiator was being replaced in my truck. I thought there would be less arguing. This spell works way better than that. Mother-in-law didn't even enter the house. Her air conditioner doesn't work so she had windows down and we barely spoke because we couldn't hear each other. She stayed in the car during the appointment. When she brought me home she promptly left again and stayed gone all day. My children were better behaved, too. Everything has gone so well I decided to repeat the spell weekly. I am amazed. I think this is the most successful spell I've ever done. It's certainly the fastest working.

Next post I hope I have a good report on my marketing plan, and probably some pictures of what I'm sewing.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Marketing Plan

Yesterday I mentioned promoting my art cheaply, and I thought I would share with all three of my dear readers.

This is a bit different from the usual intrusive ad. I really hate being bombarded with commercials. Since I don't like it, I assume nobody does. I'm not going to be annoying.

This is it. Celtic knots. No, really. There are 6 knots on this page. That is at least 6 new followers on social media. I'm not trying to sell anything. I am only trying to raise awareness about what I do. I'm doing Magick along the way.

First step is timing. The moon is currently waxing, almost full. It's a good day to begin, but the finer point of this timing is working by the clock. This is a very simple method that is wonderful for when you are too impatient to wait for a moon phase. From the beginning of the hour, when the minute hand moves from the 12 to the 6, the minute hand is moving down. This is the time to banish. In the second half of the hour, from the 6 to the 12, the minute hand is moving up, making it the time to bring things to you. I started coloring knots once the minute hand moved past the 6.

For the first knot I chose fire colors because I want this idea to have a strong start. It did not take an entire 30 minutes to color. I got interrupted twice by phone calls. When I finished this knot I still had 10 minutes left, but I knew I couldn't finish a second knot before the minute hand began its downward sweep, so I stopped right here. I started coloring again after the minute hand had safely passed the 6.

For the second knot I chose water colors to balance the fire. I will probably work through all the elements, and finish the last two knots in silver and gold for prosperity, or in shades of purple for Magick. Once the knots are colored I will cut them out.

Now we come to the advertising part. I will write web addresses for my social media accounts on the back of each knot and leave them in public places such as bookstores, cafes, parks, or public bulletin boards. The knots cannot be mistaken as merchandise and upon finding one, somebody will immediately flip it over. If they are not interested, they will in all likelihood put it back. If they throw the knot away, I've only lost a piece of paper and the time I spent coloring. If they are interested, they will at least visit me online. If I'm lucky they will follow me on Facebook and if I'm really lucky they will tell friends. If they keep the knot but never visit my page then I have spread Magick into the world.

I am following this up with mundane work. I intend to post art before sending my knots out into the world. I make art all the time, but I don't post regularly. This forces me to update my social media.

The knots came from a coloring book, and there are several more pages with designs that can be easily cut into smaller pieces. Probably I will start drawing my own knots. I could also leave small art pieces with a card attached. I've left some of my cubes in public to give Magick to my community.

I should mention that this working is not complete. I started coloring yesterday. I have 2 knots colored. I received an email this morning from an Amazon customer inquiring about an item in my shop. I think the Universe sees the work I am willing to do and has begun to reward my efforts. That's a wonderful feeling, and I am encouraged to keep going.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

A Few Decisions

Since I couldn't decide what part of the past to heal, and because I know more drama will arise, I decided to do nothing for the time being. When something comes up (and it always does), I'm going to work on that. I can turn back time to that moment and come up with a better outcome. It will be easier to see the events connected to that one event. This also gives me time to prep a few spells. Right now there is a lot going on, and as I try to heal damage already done, other things get dragged in. I am going to do a cleansing and reset my wards. Dreams are becoming bizarre. I need more dream catchers. I hate psychic attacks.

I have started a new ritual to use before sewing, but I am still fine tuning it. I am using the tin, it works great as both a reminder to do the work and as a place to keep ritual tools. I need a dragon for the box. I may also need to add my pendulum. Something tells me I'll need it, but I don't know why yet.

I've been coloring Celtic knots. This is a great way to study how the design works. Something is nudging my subconscious to use the knots as spells. I'm being told I need to think of the knots as a spell that is activated when burned. I am being urged to do this so that I can tie knots to build a spell, then untie it to release. I am thinking of tying knots around completed art pieces, then untying the knot to promote sales.

I've also devised a marketing plan for my art. I can do it with minimal investment. Cheap is awesome.

Overall, I feel better about events. I don't feel overwhelmed, nor am I burdened with dread. I do not think anything is resolved. This is simply a lull in the storm. Right now I am simply conserving energy and resting.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Magick Monday A Sigil Witch

Today we have a two for 1.

Sometimes you just a little more money.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Limbo Up

I did look at my natal chart. I didn't agree with a lot of it. I started looking at the book that got me interested to begin with. The book made more sense than the website, and sounded more like me. But there were a few things the book mentioned that the website did not, and I got confused. It also started getting much more involved. I didn't have enough time to thoroughly study everything and all I really got from it was I need to focus on my art because creativity makes me happy.

More family problems have arose. The boys are on a bad behavior streak. They have progressively gotten worse as the week wears on. Home school has ground to a stop as I deal with behavior issues rather than history lessons. They claimed to have never heard of Babylon, which I found difficult to believe since they have been attending church with their grandparents for 3 years. I found out the boys don't actually pay attention to the sermons because they are awaiting cues to light candles or pass out collection plates. They do not know what denomination of church they attend. They do not know why they must wash Father Lawson's hands. They don't know what the candles are for. I talked to my mother-in-law and it had never occurred to her to discuss anything about church with the boys. She thought them just going was enough. Since I am trying to make the boys actually learn about the religion they are practicing she is taking it as an opportunity to convert me. It was her idea for them to go, but I'm supposed to explain the rites and lessons. I think if she doesn't want to step up then the boys shouldn't go to that church anymore.

I was trying to sew during today's lesson, but I got so frustrated with the boys mispronouncing every 3rd word that I made a major mistake in stitch count, which threw off the entire pattern. I finally ripped it out and started over.

I did draw a favourable rune for this week. I have more ideas about using runes. More information is slowly coming to me.

Still haven't figured out a dragon ritual for sewing, but I do have a small altar box I could use, and I could add dragons to it. I made the altar box out of an old tin meant to hold the various feet for a sewing machine. At first glance it looks perfectly normal. Inside are miniature Witchcraft items- a broom, a pentacle, a cauldron, and several charts of correspondences. I think it would work as a reminder to focus energy while sewing.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Not Sure

I have been wanting to make trees I can sell. I didn't start on them because I have deadlines fast approaching. I was doing the last bit of work for the May show when I made an awful mistake. When I attached a hanging sleeve I sewed all the way through to the front of the quilt. Shit. I picked out the offending stitches, and I won't have to reattach the entire sleeve, but it's still a rookie mistake. Then I realized I never made labels for 2 quilts. I decided to walk away before I made things worse. I started on my for sale trees and they are coming along nicely.
I still haven't figured out what to do about the in-laws. I couldn't decide which part of the past to heal. Every single incident I thought of is not isolated, but built on a previous incident where things are just getting replayed because no one was happy with what happened and they are either pulling the same stunt to get what they want, or they want to punish everyone else. I could repeat the plant spell in which I attempted to make middle sister grow into a better person, but the plant is half dead. She went through a lot of difficult stuff. I believe that was the spell forcing her to deal with issues. But she's still petty and spiteful. She didn't become calmer or stronger or more thoughtful. I've thought about healing my husband but that doesn't stop his family from treating him like dirt, nor does it prevent him from being hurt. Probably I'm over thinking this. It's just really frustrating that the exact same problems come up over and over no matter what I do. I don't want in-laws issues to be my daily work because there are better things I could focus energy on.

Will cracked his phone's screen so now it looks like ink has poured over everything. He decided to use his tablet. The battery was dead. He plugged it up and a video of Teen Titans Go was still on. We had to figure out when the boys stole his tablet. Their punishment is not going camping with the boy scout troop. The other tablet is completely dead and won't take a charge at all. Pretty sure our tech guy is going to find several videos and maybe some games. I read playing cards each day. The joker always appears when there is drama. I've been seeing the card lurking around as I shuffle, but it hasn't come out in a reading. I thought that meant drama was building. It did not occur to me that something was being covered up. Lesson learned- see bad card, start investigating.

So that's where I am, in limbo. I'm thinking of having another look at my natal chart. Maybe that will give me ideas on how to proceed.