Thursday, January 17, 2019

What If...?

As part of our homeschool program, my children are reading A Wrinkle in Time. We are now to the 3rd book, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, and this morning we read about Charles Wallace going within. That part always gets to me, not because of how amazing it is, or even because the book is fantasy, sci-fi, and spiritualism all at once, while still meant for children, but it gets to me because I can't comprehend the joy.

I cannot fathom ordinary, everyday life being pleasant all the time. Yes, there are problems such as the boar, but no one is worrying about it or thinking they should go kill all the boars.

Certainly evil people exist because the teller of tales doesn't think visiting other tribes is wise. But I am more amazed by people being content with what they have. I am amazed by people learning without fear of failure. I am amazed by the fact that people are just happy with life in general.

The story got me to thinking, what if I could be more joyful with what I do? Would food taste better if I were glad to cook it? Would stitches flow flawlessly if I were happy to make every stitch? If I could send harmony through ley lines how far would that harmony go? Would my community become more peaceful?

I was eager to try. I began formulating a plan. And then it was time to eat. And then I had to fuss at the boys to wipe off the table. Which they argued about. Then the fought about who should sweep the floor. After another 10 minutes of constant bickering, I yelled.

Maybe this is just beyond my capabilities.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


I decided the job would have to wait. I may go to work earlier than planned, summer instead of fall, but I just can't put the boys back into the same cruddy public school. That will undo everything and probably ruin the rest of their academic career. During the summer, homeschooling will be over and I probably won't care as much about tv. I'm not going to ask my in-laws to homeschool. They aren't capable.

I've been stressing childcare like I'd be gone Monday through Friday, but being 12 hours I'd only work 3 days and my mother could keep my daughter that long. Of course, my in-laws will undoubtedly fall short on keeping the boys. That's what they always do. Hopefully by the time they screw up I will have found another babysitter. I'm going to start looking now. If I'm lucky I won't even have to ask them.

I'm going to make as much art as I can now. When I go back to work I will probably have the same amount of time that I do now because homeschooling won't be in the equation. My plan of traveling to festivals to sell art has been shelved, but I couldn't do it immediately anyway because I haven't bought a trailer yet. The job would give me enough money to pursue dreams later. I don't want to go back to work, but if it puts me closer to my goals I can deal with it for a while.

I got a lot of sewing done yesterday. I feel encouraged to push on. My tree project is starting to work. I was very tired at the end of the day, but seeing so many likes on my pictures made it worth it. I need to remember that art must be shared.

Still doing Magick every day, though in small amounts. I'm reading the cards more. Items in my box aren't falling over and I feel much better about that. I don't think the problem is completely gone, and I still don't know who has animosity towards me, but evidently the person or persons are bogged down in their own negativity and cannot bother me. I will continue with protective measures until I have a clearer understanding of what is going on.

Rune studies are great. I always thought I had to draw runes but apparently visualizing them is enough.

No progress on ley lines. I still know next to nothing, though I am getting better at sensing them when I go outside. I think just being aware of the lines is a key component in understanding them. I had a chance to work with the lines last night, but I didn't because I was already tired. Don't try new Magick unless you are well rested because you don't know how it will affect you.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


I did something a little different with the rune studies this week. I've been pulling a rune, then finding the corresponding card, which I tape into one of my spell books with my other rune information. The cards aren't very accurate, but occasionally I find an interesting tidbit so I want to keep the cards. This week when I opened the pouch, I noticed Radio was the top card. This is my favorite rune. So instead of drawing a random rune, I searched for Radio. I've been doing spells, but I don't know yet how well they are working.

Someone is stealing from my mother. The latest item gone was a hatchet. Several times we have discovered items have disappeared. Before the hatchet, antifreeze disappeared out of the shop. On the day Mom told me about the hatchet I caught two teenage boys stealing firewood. I've locked the gate and now regularly drive by to check on the property. My husband and I are working to secure things. Eventually we will have cameras. It is nerve-wracking because it's something else to worry about.

I was watching my stepson write. He forms his letters oddly, almost as if he never learned to write and is guessing at how to make the shape. Then I read an article on dyslexia and the importance of writing, especially if they sound out the letters while writing. I'm going to start teaching cursive. And phonics.

Really don't know what to do about home schooling. I hate it. The boys are lazy. They don't want to learn anything. They don't want to write. Due to the common core curriculum in the public school, they never learned basic math. Now they struggle with geometry. And try hard to avoid any mathematics at all costs. I spend a ridiculous amount of time on behavior issues rather than teaching.

I may go back to work. The problem is we need money now so I should be working now. But if we put the kids in private school all my pay will go to tuition and we still won't have money. Next year I can send them to a different public school but if I put them back in now they will be at the same crappy school that didn't teach them math. In order to avoid subpar education my in-laws would have to take over home schooling and they fail so miserably when I do ask them to help that I know the boys won't learn anything and eventually they will just watch tv all day while I'm at work.

And of course I don't know what to do with my daughter. She would go to pre-k but I refuse to send her to the bad school. In-laws won't keep her because they're hoarders with piles of stuff everywhere and she manages to break something every time she's next door. If they keep her here then my sister-in-law can snoop. My mom isn't going to want to keep her every day. I can put her in daycare, but again that defeats the purpose of having a job. Really, I'm not even sure I could trust my in-laws to put the boys on the school bus every day. My husband doesn't think they can do it either. They may agree to help, but when it comes to actually doing the routine they are going to fall short, if they even stick with it. They've never seen anything through in the past.

And then there's the job itself. 12 hour shifts. I would be gone at least 13 hours 3 days a week. That's more mileage on a truck already worn out and needing to be replaced. That's less home cooked meals, and a whole lot more planning and food prep. And then there's job related stress.

We would have good insurance, I'd make more than my husband, we could pay down our debt and boost our credit score. But all that comes with a price.

My art would suffer because I wouldn't have time to create, but ironically I would be able to afford show entry fees and membership dues.

It's a lot to think about.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Thursday, January 10, 2019

More About Ley Lines

I looked up ley lines yesterday after writing my post. I realized I should clarify a few things.

Ley lines were discovered in England. I think there are ley lines all over the world. I'm sure several ancient peoples knew about the lines and used them. But Google only brings up the lines in Britain. Which leads to the second part of the problem- there's more than one type of ley line.

There's the natural lines of earth energy. There are magnetic lines, both natural and manmade such as power lines. There are underground rivers, and our water pipes and sewers give off energy as well.

What seems to be very common, yet is never mentioned, is the energy trees give. Trees make lines were there is a large fork in the branches. I don't think a line is made at EVERY tree branch, but often when I am outside with my pendulum I will suddenly find a line and when I track where it goes I will realize I am standing near a tree, directly in front of a fork from the trunk. Sometimes I will be standing in front of 2 trees that arch together. I will notice small animals in the area.

I suggest finding all the pipes- water, sewer, gas, and even buried cables, before looking for ley lines. If you find a line, look at plants and trees next. If there are no utilities and no trees, then you have probably found a ley line. Figuring out if it is an underground river or a mineral deposit or a ley line is tricky. I don't think this matters too much unless it is a black ley line. Black ley lines make people sick. Houses situated on black lines need constant repairs. There will also be a lot of negative emotions and tantrums.

I still have not figured out how to move lines. I think the best solution depends on what type of line it is. I would think if the problem was too many power lines or too many electronics the solution would be to first take out as many as possible and then use crystals to absorb the excess energy. Gas, being air, may benefit from more plants to provide structure. Too much water might need more earth or maybe a fire pit.

Staking is usually suggested for changing ley lines. I think that could cause more problems in some cases. How practical would it really be to have several metal stakes sticking out of the ground in the middle of the yard? It definitely wouldn't work in a house unless you drove nails into the floor. Are nails big enough? Would it ruin the carpet or linoleum? How long are the stakes left in place? Forever? As long as the current occupants live in the house? Until the line is gone or redirected? Can the line come back?

I'm really glad our old house is gone. I think too many lines crossed through the house and negatively affected us. I think we only have 2 lines in the new house. I want to remove or redirect those since the lines cross through the boys' room. If I can't do anything about the lines I can at least change the furniture. Moving beds may be enough. Of course, those lines may not be negative. The problem may the constant surge of energy preventing them from fully resting.

As I learn more I will write more posts. Maybe this will be helpful to someone else. If you have questions feel free to ask just understand I may not have answers. Really, I hoping your questions will help me to see things in different ways. Maybe that would point me in the right direction.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Witch of This Place

I decided I need to work with the ley lines in my yard. I think this is a power I should be able to tap into to strengthen my ties with the land. Working with the lines may also help me tap into dragon energy. Dragons travel along the lines. Actually, most animals do. Notice where birds fly or where deer trails are. I bet there's a ley line on the same route.

I've read about ley lines, but I have little practical experience. Most of times when I used ley lines I was forced into it. I had shadow people in a house I lived in because there was a line going through my bedroom. Creepiest damn thing ever. That line also went through the violent, alcoholic neighbor's house. I managed to ward against shadow people, but I never figured out how to divert the line. Or what caused the line. Was it natural and we unfortunately had houses on it, or did the chaotic energy of the people in the neighborhood create a line of negative energy?

I had a pleasant ley line in Tallapoosa County (but I also had a lot of paranormal activity). I loved to sit on the line. I would start to feel drunk. I had to work hard on grounding so that I didn't feel spacey afterwards.

I tried finding lines before, when we still had the big house. I couldn't remember where they were, other than I had one in the garden. I just walked outside with a pendulum and evidently I stepped directly onto a line. Then I realized I have 2 lines going through the boys' room. Maybe that's part of the behavior issues. I really need to know if I can bend lines.

I have lots of lines. I think that's why I didn't remember. The house was in the way and I kept stumbling onto intersecting lines. I think since the house is gone the energy flows better. But that doesn't mean the energy is benign. We seem to be benefiting from not having all that energy crossing us. I noticed two ley lines going through my in-laws' house, mostly in the area where the renovations took place. There are probably more lines over there, but I was focusing on my yard.

There is no chaotic energy in the woods. It is all around the house. Again, it begs the question if unstable humans create lines. I think if some lines are human made then I should be able to bend them. Maybe humans don't create lines, maybe they just distort the lines. I don't think this is going to be easy, but I would love to put the lines back where they belong. I'd really like to know how ley lines react to cast circles since they are between places.

While studying alchemy I noticed my neighbor's property had an orchard laid out like a rune. The land is very vibrant over there. It could be past Witches lived here. Right now I have lots of questions but few answers. All I know for sure is I have to start learning about ley lines.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Post Birthday

My birthday is January 7th. I had already scheduled a Magick Monday post, so I didn't write anything yesterday.

I had a very good birthday. I got a lot of sewing done. I got interesting books from the library. My husband took me to see Aquaman (great, a few surprises, funny in places (I think Jason Momoa was being himself rather than playing a character), but it is a long movie), and then dinner at my favorite restaurant.

That's not to say everything was perfect. I had to get onto my children several times. I discovered middle sister tried to cause drama over the weekend but I ignored it.

Part of what made the day good was my husband. He put a lot of effort into making me happy. He does this every day because he's a good husband but he tried extra hard yesterday. Part of what made the day good was the changes I've made.

I'm writing this to remind you that life isn't easy. Sometimes what's best is met with resistance. Do it anyway. You might only make small steps forward but some progress is better than none. Eventually everything pays off and life is better.