Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Today started off being stressful. Nothing was working for me. I was so upset I just wanted to cry.

The day finally got better. I just kept trying to work through problems and finally, though sheer persistence, I solved 2 things. Then my husband solved one problem. After that I felt better even though we still have lots of stressful issues to deal with. Small matters. I'm trying to savor small things.

I have a plan of attack for tomorrow. Maybe it won't do me any good. Maybe this is a dark time and the darkness will surround me no matter what light I find. But I feel better for having a plan even if I lose.

Since we are trying to help him, our younger son is acting out more. That means his behavior is worse. That means we aren't catching a break with our other problems. It means therapy doesn't seem to be working because he's fighting us every step. It means he's sleep walking. It means his brother has started acting out. This is all so depressing I think I'll change the subject.

This is a great sigil. I didn't look, I just picked one. If you need everything to be well, focus on the sigil for 60 seconds, more if you can manage it. See all your problems being corrected and everything going your way.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Fiber Friday

I'm in a creative slump. I have nothing to show this week. I'm going to try coloring for a while. Maybe it will spark something.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

A Reading

I drew 4 cards from my Anne Stokes deck, then drew the same 4 from the Dark Hearts deck for comparison and clarity. I believe the 9 of diamonds is telling me to be on guard.

I believe the king of spades is about moving into the light. I think this represents a deliberate step forward and making an effort not to wallow in darkness.

I think the 6 of spades is literally being on point. Staying focused and doing things perfectly.

3 of hearts seems to be about making sure someone knows they are loved.

Right now I'm trying to stay in the moment and not let other people bring me down. I got 7 views on my Facebook artist page. I'm assuming this is because my personal account is private and that's the only thing people can look at. We are having problems with one of the younger boys stealing cell phones to play games. I think he may also be contacting his biological mother online. When I mentioned my suspicions to oldest son he said that she had sent him a friend request. And suddenly it makes sense why oldest son's phone was taken 3 times in 2 weeks. We made a change in sleeping arrangements, oldest son put a password on his phone, and we are making the younger child drink camomile tea at dinner, then take melatonin at bed time. I believe he slept through the night last night rather then staying up to 3am downloading games.

His counselor has devised a new line of attack. We will be discussing his new therapy tomorrow and he will go to counseling more often. I think if we can ensure he actually sleeps at night most of the problems will disappear. At the very least, he won't fail because he's falling asleep in class.

We decided the boys shouldn't have any contact with their mother. She causes too much anguish.

There's not much else I can do, besides do protective Magick, turn back negative energy, and focus on positive intentions. This is one of those dark times I just have to work through.

On the flip side, my in-laws are being much more supportive. It was my mother-in-law who gave me the tea and she wants to talk to the counselor because she believes we need to all work together to help our boy.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday, Monday

Ah, this is a good one. Everybody has negative energy. The problem is having too much.

I've spent the morning thinking about my daily routine. I need to exercise more. I've concluded the only thing to do is schedule it in. Right now I'm shooting for 3 times a day, preferably before meals.

Still empowering/being aware of food. This has led to a few occasions of realising how bad something is and wondering why I ever wanted to eat it.

Barely got any sewing done. We went to Pell City yesterday to get a car. I had no sewing project to take. Everything's still packed away. I decided to tie my monkey fist knots, until I remembered I don't have anything to make the knots with. Every single thing I thought of I couldn't do for one reason or another. I went on a very long ride feeling totally bummed. Then I felt annoyed with my in-laws because they are still causing problems. But they don't know and if they did they wouldn't care.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Fiber Friday

Mostly, things are still packed away. Today, I am bound and determined to finish Z's fox.
I am just a few rows away. I meant to finish this Tuesday and I could have if I wasn't sick. My sinuses ached so bad, I stopped sewing. I couldn't think or work.

The green thing is art. I'm trying to make a small art piece every week. I started making a snake. I got him wrapped up, but before I could do the embroidery someone unraveled him. That's what happens when I leave art on the kitchen island.

This is the next week's piece of art:
I realize it's hard to see, but I wanted to show that I do finish things and eventually the jar will fill up. Here's better pictures:
I'm glad I finally found a use for my vintage buttons. I've wanted to use them on several other projects but they weren't quite right.

I have a small wall hanging in mind. I haven't started yet. I am struggling with do-one-at-a-time so I won't have a pile of undones. It will be a monkey wrench quilt with several monkey fist knots hanging on it. My husband picked the colors. The finished quilt will hang over our bed. I intend for it to be a protection spell. I selected fabric, but haven't started cutting blocks. We are still sleeping on mattresses on the floor. I hope if I start treating area like a bed an actual bed frame will appear.

I have the backing of 2 pieces in the living room. One of them needs to return to the kitchen island because the deadline is in January. I'll be working on "Magic Carpet" next, which has finished pieces waiting to be assembled. "Cosmic Watchman" is also due in January. I made good progress before having to pack it away. I don't have a picture. I'm not going to unpack the quilt just for this post.

Thursday, November 30, 2017


I bet you thought I forgot. I didn't, but with the holiday disrupting my routine I didn't get to do much magickal work. Which is why the first thing I worked on was my duck. Immediately after hanging him from the rearview mirror, my father-in-law borrowed my truck. I found my duck on the floor and paracord on the dash. I started wondering exactly what my truck was used for. Or at least, why can't people not mess with shit? I decided to set boundaries and I may set some wards as well. I know a wonderful Tarot spell to keep unwanted persons out of the house. I think I can easily adapt it for my Titan.

On to the sigil:
I didn't look, I just selected the first one on the list. I think wishes coming true is a good choice. Remember, I do this spell by holding my crystal ball over the sigil for 1 minute. Any time you can focus completely for more than a minute you begin manifesting. Look at the sigil and imagine your wish being true.