Friday, March 24, 2017

But What If I Fail?

I am still doing resistance work. It's depressing. It's hard work. It is extremely difficult to tell if I am making a difference or if anything is improving. The phrase that keeps running through my mind- "Resistance is futile."

But of course, that is not true. If it were true no one would say it. That's just what they tell you so you'll give up. It doesn't matter if they say resistance is futile, or you can't fight big oil, or that isn't happening here, or whatever stupid thing people say when they are too tired to fight or too lazy to care.

Any act of resistance, no matter how small, creates friction. And that at least makes people uncomfortable and when people are uncomfortable they start looking at their surroundings. Maybe if they look they will see things the way they really are.

I spent this morning reading other Witches' blogs. We all seem to be struggling. Not just with a few problems, but rather it seems that the world we live in doesn't like us anymore. Our entire existence has become a struggle. This is so sad. What do we do when it seems that nothing now will ever come to any good?

Do it anyway.

Eat right. Get enough sleep. Grow your own food. Have rain barrels. Unplug. Exercise. Write letters. Speak up. Go on vacation. Be kind. Be tough. Enjoy life. Tell people to fuck off. Be in the moment and make conscious decisions.

The next day, and the day after that, and the day after that, and after that, and after that, and all the way down to however this nightmare plays out, you still do what is right. Resistance is the only way to ensure freedom.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Few Personal Notes

Resistance work is starting to play into my dreams. Which is actually a relief because I had started dreaming creepy shit. I have a recipe for "Creep Banishing" powder and I think I need to make a batch since the moon is waning. The moon is currently in Capricorn which is perfect for setting limits.

Still haven't gotten any plastic Easter eggs, but we did get a tree to decorate. We even put the tree in place. Cleaned the yard, too.

My oldest stepson is in jail. He is serving the last sentence. He has between 41 and 53 days depending on what different counties agree to do. Hopefully he learned something from all this.

My toddler is teething. She had a fever of 103. I called the doctor as I was driving to the office. I was astounded when they told me not to bring her in. I didn't even have to treat the fever. I wondered how much of that was actually true and how much had to do with it being Friday afternoon. I went to the pharmacy, got fever reducer, and decided if her temperature spiked again I'd take my baby to the ER. She's fine now, though cranky at times.

I have started on the Witches & Magick posts series. Yes, sometimes I do start writing them 6 months in advance. I have a lot of work to do as I will be using my own spells. It's also an entire Stitch Witchery series. Every project is a spell.

I think that's all. Oh, I did turn the trash can into a negative energy trap. We still experience outbursts of bad behavior but it doesn't last very long and things seem to resolve quickly. I am still doing broom magick and a major issue is no longer a problem. Whatever work you have begun keep it up.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Spring

The season snuck up on me this year. For some reason, I was thinking the equinox would be much later in the week. But the Wheel turned just like it always has so I best enjoy it. I will be cleaning. Today I will clean my fireplace, ward the hearth, then start decorating. I make an Easter egg tree on the first day of spring and leave it up through the calendar holiday. This year I need new eggs. The plastic ones last a few years, not forever.

If you want to do any kind of working, focus on new beginnings, dreams into reality, or growth. Spells that involve air are a good choice. Mundane work could include gardening or spring cleaning. Don't forget to do something for yourself.

Friday, March 17, 2017

More Ways to Resist

In 2018 most of Congress will be up for election. Now is the time to think about what kind of candidates are best suited for the job. If you don't think anyone running is qualified then you have 3 choices: tell the person you like to run for office, run for office yourself, or petition your deity daily between now and then for better government officials.

You need to get your affairs in order because if something is going to trip up resistance it will be red tape. So make sure your licenses are current, organize your paperwork to easily find what you need, pay the fines, and get the correct permit. Double check everything, leave nothing to chance, and if you find a mistake correct it promptly. If you think I'm being overly dramatic remember that when Lorainna Bobbitt cut off her husband's dick and threw it out of the car window she was charged with littering. Because that was all they could charge her with.

Expect people to be nasty. When our leader behaves badly people seem to think it is an invitation to do whatever vile thing they want. Rise above it and go out of your way to be a shinning example of grace, light, and good sense.

Take nothing for granted. You may not have rights much longer.

Focus on what you CAN change. Saving water helps, as does recycling. Small charitable donations are better than none. If you can give back to your community then do it. Changing the world has to start somewhere so why not in your town?

I have decided to do glamour magick. On the surface, that doesn't seem very productive but I think it is because Trump is intimidated by strong, beautiful, intelligent women who are not the least bit interested in him. Money aside, he has absolutely nothing to offer. I have also realized self-care is vital. Resistance is hard when you're too tired to fight. And we will get worn down. So I take breaks from media. I unwind, unplug, and focus on tangible things. That could be as simple as a glass of very good whiskey or an hour of making art. When I leave the house I put more effort into how I am dressed and I am never without protective magick. I am also always armed and at least one family member knows of my location and plans. Whatever it is that you are good at, go do it. Make it your gift to the world.

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Bit of Warning

I should have really thought about what I wanted to do then made a sound plan. Instead, I got an idea and jumped in with both feet. I got a sore throat the day after starting my traffic light spell. That's normal when working to heal others. It's very important to ground and shield. I should have balanced my own chakras first. But it's a lesson learned. Now I know not only must I take care of myself, but I also know communication could play an important role in improving my community.

Friday, March 10, 2017

The Work I'm Doing

A few days ago I went to town. On the way I reminded myself to send energy to people. (And yes, I am still leaving charms. With the last one I stepped up a notch. I left a prosperity cube on someone's car. Did that person need it? I don't know for sure but judging by the condition of the car a little money wouldn't hurt.)

My immediate problem/realization was how exhausting it is to constantly send energy. I wasn't waiting for someone who obviously needed help such as a driver on the side of the road with their stalled car. I was trying to help everyone because we all need something. I decided I needed to do land based spells so that everyone who passed would reap benefits.

My places of choice became intersections with traffic lights for the simple reason that most people will be forced to stop thus giving the spell a chance to work. The spell itself is chakra balancing because when our chakras are balanced we are healthy and happy. When we are in a positive state of mind we are better able to solve problems. We are more focused and we tend to be nicer to others.

Magick is an art. It takes practice. Figuring out what spell to do is theory. Doing the work is not always easy because magick follows the path of least resistance meaning that we often get what we asked for but not in the way we planned. I don't know yet how well this is working. I may need to do something a bit more involved like Astral traveling to each location in order to build some sort of temple or battery. I may need Astral prayer flags because they are believed to promote positive energy even if the residents have never read the flags. I may need to rebuild or recharge often. This may be too big of an undertaking for a lone Witch. Which is why I am mentioning it here so you can join in if you like.

I cast a circle around every intersection I stopped at, then as I watched cars pass I imagined the drivers' chakras aligned and spinning brightly. I couldn't focus on any one driver very long; they passed too quickly. Which brings us to this question - how long is enough?

I think a brief alignment is better than none at all. I think if people go through the intersection several times a day they will start to feel better and possibly they will start to spend more time in that place. Now you see the importance of having this at every intersection.

You can do this in other places, I just choose traffic lights because everyone passes through one at least once a day. Parks are another excellent choice. While hospitals desperately need it, I do not recommend doing the work there because the energy required to make an improvement could drain you in a hurry. Save the hospital for
when working with a large group of Witches.

I think if the spell is successful there should be a reduction in crime. Areas may become revitalized or there could be more community clean ups or neighborhood watch groups. Eventually, schools would improve and there would be noticible  changes in voting.

Even if nothing changes, I feel I must try. Things cannot go on as they are. The world is at stake.

Monday, March 6, 2017

How to Resist

Lots of people think the only way to resist the government is to start a revolution. People don't want to do that, it's dangerous to say the least. But there's small things you can do. Small things DO matter. Sometimes it only matters to one person but that's okay because one person can change the world.

I don't think Trump was ever supposed to win. I think he was merely to be the dog and pony show that distracted us from real issues. But somewhere along the way, his competitive nature took over. Now he's in office and the Republican party cannot control him. A rumor is circulating that Trump has dementia. Which would explain a lot.

I recently read Sir Patrick Stewart is going to apply for U.S. citizenship for the sole purpose of resisting Trump. This thrilled me to no end, not because I think Stewart will succeed, but because it is proof that he feels the way I do. It is comforting on a primal level to know there are other people who believe in the same things you do. It makes you believe that maybe things will be alright after all.

And that should tell you just how bad things are when the British are encouraging Americans to revolt.

For those of you who think cursing violates the Rule of Three, then don't curse anyone. You can send protective energy to protesters instead. Or calm energy to the police. Or healing energy to the Earth.

You can spend less. You can buy products NOT made by one of Trump's companies.

You can do what I did on Facebook- I got tired of the constant hate so instead of feeding into that junk I did a photography challenge. Each day I posted pictures. I didn't read or like anything in my newsfeed for 30 days. I just made sure there were non-political posts on Facebook.

If you want a more direct approach, send Trump a postcard. The idea is simple,  they can't build a wall high enough to stop the mail. March 15 is the day to send a postcard or 12 dozen to the White House so that Trump knows exactly how we feel. And he'll probably read most of them, and if he's busy reading and fuming then he doesn't have time to ruin the country. Tell him there's already walls between the USA and Mexico and those walls just slow people down rather than stop anyone from entering. Tell him his hair is stupid. Tell him you voted for someone else. Tell him Hillary won. Tell him your cat puked on the carpet during his press conference.

Stay tuned for more resistance ideas. I've got a bunch of them.