Friday, August 18, 2017

Some Updates

Yesterday we killed a second rattle snake in the dog pen. It was a timber rattler just like the first one. I believe it was the mate. The first snake was pregnant and I think they were looking for a den. Or maybe not immediately disposing of the first snake drew the mate into the yard. After Z killed the snake, oldest son ran into the house screaming that he saw another one under my sewing shed. While we searched for it, our neighbor ran over it with his push mower. Then he was screaming and running.

Borris, dog who was bit, looks awful but is doing well. He can eat now, so I can bring him home this afternoon.

Both boys had perfect conduct scores. I didn't have to spank them or take away TV.

I made a point of sewing yesterday which wasn't easy because my toddler has learned how light switches work. I managed to send the email, too. Go me.

I have been planning meals. I own a copy of Cooking By Moonlight. I read this sometimes in an attempt to align ourselves with current energies so that we are balanced. It suddenly occurred to me that if I sorted out my recipes by intent/moon phase/season/etc. I wouldn't need to refer to the cookbook so much AND I would get a much longer menu to boot. I think I will blog about this during the month of November when so many people are getting anxiety over Thanksgiving.

Oldest son wants to join the Navy. I see this as him running away from his problems but I'm okay with it because Goddess help, I don't know what to do with him. If he does something stupid they'll put him in the brig and when he's completed his sentence he'll still have to finish boot camp or whatever the Navy calls it. I wouldn't have to worry about him for at least 9 weeks, longer if he lands in the brig. Which I have no doubt he will be there at least once.

Husband still hates his job. We were able to talk without argument. He is less tense.

I have to go now. I have several art projects demanding my attention as deadlines come rushing up.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Where to Start?

I keep telling you my life is crazy. I don't think anyone believes that because life is always crazy; everybody has problems. So here's a small portion of yesterday:

It was second son's birthday. He turned 21.

I started baking.

Boys came home from school. The only day youngest son got a perfect conduct score was the day his eye swelled shut and I rushed him to the doctor after 2 1/2 hours of class. The other child isn't doing classwork or homework. I lost my shit and yelled until both were in tears.

Husband comes home. He hates his job. He is stressing. He isn't dealing with anything very well. Long story short, we got into an argument.

Rattle snake bit dog in the face. Husband kills snake. I rush dog to vet.

A hoard of people come over to celebrate 21st birthday. While I am gone, menu is changed, groceries bought, oldest son grills because he's trying to make up for taking car without permission then getting wrong key stuck in ignition, husband finished cake, and younger boys manage to sneak in extra TV time.

I come home without dog, toddler gets sprayed in the face with cleanser because no one is watching children, we have too much food, adults get drunk, husband and I spend an hour cleaning kitchen,  I crawl into bed to deal with 12 Facebook notifications about the dog and remember I forgot to send an email regarding my art. I realize I didn't sew. I realize I didn't do anything to promote my art. Feel like failure.

And that's a typical day for me- lots of rushing, screaming, something weirdly unexpected, and feelings of inadequate crushing disappointment.

I am very surprised I ever post anything.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Sew, Sew, Sew

Things seem to be moving really fast in my life.  I haven't done much blogging because every spare moment I have goes to sewing.

This piece is called "And All the World Will Love You" I intended for it to be in an auction. Then the VP of my guild reminded me that I needed to turn in art. I thought at first she was gathering auction pieces early, then she told me to be at the cancer center at 2pm. I utterly forgot I signed up. I agreed to have art in a medical office. Our VP fought cancer several years ago and her biggest complaint was the ugly, bare walls. She coerced her artist friends into giving art and actually the art sells. Patients and their families fall in love with the art and there is such fast turnover that the cancer center now takes in large batches of paintings at regular intervals.

Since I was caught short, I donated my auction piece and promptly started a replacement:
This will be auctioned off to benefit the Youth Symphony Orchestra. It's called "Higher Than the Pine" I decided to do a few other pieces just in case I forgot something else. I keep saying I am going to build an inventory so I can open an online shop but work is leaving as fast as I can make it.

I started another page for my daily practice. I started writing around Lammas so I was writing about the holiday and gradually I realized I was only writing about holidays. I didn't say anything about day to day spell work. I realized I needed to start over. Possibly I need to create a 3rd page.

The daily work involves battling the school. I'm using my broom, my circle charm, and the geode. The first day of school went well for one child. The second day was a disaster. Last year the special education teacher told me we would meet a month into the school year to see how my son is doing in the regular classroom. I took this to mean AFTER the first month she would schedule a meeting. Instead, she scheduled the meeting for August 31. When she gave my son the letter she told him that he maybe back in her class. He came home and cried for an hour because he thought he had to go back to special ed. This is why I hate the school.

My daily practice also involves sewing. When working on "Higher Than the Pine "  I thought about the sky. I worked stitches of blue thinking about air, how we all need space, we need to breathe, to think. I made white stitches and thought of clouds which led to cloud 9. I stitch. I focus. I imagine situations playing out in my favor.  That's how Kitchen Witchery works- you turn the mundane into magick. While I start projects intending them to be a particular spell,  other things creep in. I don't see a problem with it. I believe we lend bits of ourselves to everything we do, everywhere we go. We cannot turn off our thoughts.  We can only change our perspective. Viewing something only in a negative light leads to being stuck. Finding the good helps us see how to move forward.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

School Spell Part 3- Empowering

Sorry it has taken so long to write the final post. I don't even try to blog on the weekends. If you read something here on a Saturday, rest assured it was scheduled days before.

The first day of school was yesterday and Monday was also the full moon. Before I could start the spell,  my husband came home early due to a lack of work. And then we were full throttle trying to take care of the yard before the rain set in.

It's okay though,  the moon is still full today. And based on yesterday's behavior I already know which child will have the most problems. It's not the one I was worried about. Youngest son's anxiety worked him into an asthma attack then he refused to bring home forms I needed to sign. The child I was worried about actually had a great day, got a teacher he had before, and (in his own words) had the best day ever.

First thing I did was figure out where the spell would be kept. I chose the top side of the hutch so that it is near the calendar but out of my toddler's reach. I put a command hook in place. For the most part, I like command hooks but I have discovered they tend to fall during high humidity.

When I moved my circle out of the way, a stone fell off. Instead of trying to glue it back, I put the bird skull in the empty spot.

To empower, I first used my geode to clear away negative energy.  I slid the circle over a new 7 day candle.  I keep a 7 day candle on the dinning room table at all times. Normally I light it to promote peace and harmony.  I filled this one with the white light of knowledge and success. I lit the candle, traced an 8 point star over it, and imagined the star fitting together like puzzle pieces.

This is not a once and done spell. I will be working it again and again throughout the school year. I tried to keep things simple in case I need to add something later.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The School Year Spell Part 2

I haven't been able to work on the spell because I went out of state to pick up tables. All the stones are glued in place. I have decided to use this bird skull to promote reasoning. I have no idea what kind of bird it was. The skull is almost paper like. I have no idea how to attach it. The other thing I decided on was using an eight point star. Whether I will stitch a star or just invoke the spell with a star remains to be seen. I realize I am past the Lammas holiday but I am fine with it. A full moon is coming. I think Lammas is the time to start preparing for winter, not that all preparations must be completed on August 1. After going to the school's open house I might discover other issues that need addressing.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The School Year Spell

I really hate the school my boys attend. I hate it so much I have decided my little daughter will never go there. Because of our county laws, our only other option is private school which is expensive. That's why I started trying to get money for my daughter now even though she is 2 weeks shy of her second birthday. I can't afford to put the boys in private school. I'm not sure about a home schooling option. The only person I know in Lee County who home schools was my cousin and my aunt was a Christian school administrator. I'm sure having an inside edge was the only reason they pulled it off. And for all I know my aunt may have falsified school records. At any rate, I know I do not have the patience to teach my children. So I frequently search for educational programs hoping I'll get lucky.

Meanwhile, we're stuck with a public school system that is utterly unhelpful. I battle with school officials every year. They are convinced one child is retarded. So his brother must be too. I argued with the school for an hour to take him out of special ed classes. He passed, but the school is "monitoring" his progress in case he can't keep up this year.

Besides the academic problems, we struggle with behavior issues. There is no set pattern. I can't tell when things are about to fall apart or why, nor can I know how long good times will last. Since I've done every thing I know to do, I've decided to use magick.

I need a spell item that can be recharged as needed. I chose a circle. I need a complete solution with no end.

I don't know what this is. I found it in an old toolbox and told my husband I was going to make art with it. There won't be any questions about why I made this or why it hangs in the dinning room.  The first thing I did was scrub it clean.

The second step was paint. I opted for gray thinking of wise, old people, the mists of magick and mystery, cloaking my intent to keep the school guessing, and finally because I would like to neutralize emotions. This would be so much easier to solve if anger was left out.

Step 3 was gluing rocks. I chose small green stones. I found these in my yard. Previous owner had a rock shop.

Now, we're to the part of the day when I get busy with cooking, so I will finish tomorrow.