Wednesday, September 19, 2018

A Few Notes Before the Series

Yesterday I started a WordPress blog for my art. I linked it to my Facebook page so every post is automatically shared. I get more exposure for WordPress while getting more out of Facebook without having to figure out interesting topics. Nor do I need to to "overshare." In order for people to see the sewing page posts, I have to share them to my personal page. That means the few friends who follow both see it twice. It's not very accurate and I'm still not sure how many people see them because someone will like the post and Facebook will tell me no one saw it. I have issues with Facebook.

This blog isn't going anywhere. I've devoted too much time and effort to just give it up. But I didn't want someone looking for my art and being turned off by my problems. I need to be able to vent.

And definitely we need more Magick. I will think something is a tired subject but people still keep asking because they don't know, they haven't had the experience.

My plan with WordPress is to post every day. I fail with the Fiber Friday posts, mainly because I have no clear record of what I did all week, and Fridays are busy. I never get the chance to post pictures or write. It will be so much easier to share a link I know goes to art work instead of wondering how much spell work is before the fiber post and if a fundy Xian will see it and leave nasty comments until I repent. Which, by the way, saying snide things does not endear your savior to me. It just shows you're a nasty person who's not nearly as righteous as you claim.
(Yes, this has happened more than once.)

I will develop my WordPress site and add a link here once I am satisfied. I'm still getting used to it. WordPress is very different from Blogger. I had tried Wix. It was too much. I didn't need all the pages it offered. Changing things to suit me was too involved, I had no good way to promote it, and the monthly charge became too much.

Nothing will appear any different on this end, other than no more Fiber Friday posts.

The Witches & Magick series begins on Saturday, September 22. I'm not finished. I've scheduled posts for the rest of September and some into October. I still have a good bit of work to do. The theme this year is dragons. I'm finding dragons all over the place. I hope I can give you wonderful Magick this year.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Magick Monday

This is the last Magick Monday post before beginning my Witches & Magick series. Things seem to be happening very fast. I'm trying to move slowly into the next season but life has sped up. Autumn is a favorite for many. People have been pushing pumpkin everything across social media. I finally gave in because I was depressed and needed something to cheer me up. About a week ago I did a serious cleaning spree. As I cleaned I kept thinking how wonderful it would be to decorate for Halloween. Then I thought, Why wait?
So I added a pumpkin to my table. Ever since then, I have been slowly putting out more and more decorations. I will show you more in a future Witches & Magick post, since, you know, I am a Witch.

Today I want to talk about my bulletin board. I decided I needed to review my goals. This isn't my idea. I read another blog about doing midyear reviews to see if she's on track for reaching yearly goals. I don't do New Year's Resolutions because I like to start things as soon as I have the idea. 6 months is too much of a time gap for me. I decided to review and revise my life each season.

I haven't added much. But I see it every day as soon as I get up because this is beside my bed. I've been thinking a lot about seasons. It reminds me of upcoming art shows even though I didn't list all the shows on the bulletin board. I just see my pictures and remember what's coming up, then I remember what I am making.
My version of resolutions. This is what I will do this fall so that I can prepare for winter.
Sewing schedule so I can complete all my projects. I sew a lot. I make lots of things for a variety of reasons.
I color coded price tags to help me keep up with inventory. I intend to add baseline prices so I don't have to remember how I priced an item.
I've been carrying this card in my tablet case where I can't see it. No point in that. I got the card because I liked how it looked, so might as well view it daily.
I thought my son traced this dragon but it doesn't match the picture in the book. He actually drew what he saw on the page.
My spiral is here to help me figure out what to do with it.
Like Marilyn, I often feel as though I'm losing a bet.

None of this is remarkable, but the bulletin board helps me tremendously because I can't forget my goals. I was writing in my journal to help me remember. I have lots of ideas, but if I don't start immediately I forget. I would have to reread the journal in order to remember. Now I'm reminded every day. If something isn't going to work it becomes obvious in short order. That encourages me to adjust my plans instead of dropping the idea.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


I read over old posts this morning and realized this stressful situation has been going on for quite a while. I suppose the only thing left to do is stop talking about it. Though I will say I asked Dragons for help and a solution was presented immediately. It will take some time to do, but will have permanent effects.

I did some research. The museum has 6 artists selling wares in the gift shop. I'm still letting ideas simmer, but I feel encouraged.

I decided to list my cubes for sale in my Amazon shop. I have nothing to lose. If they don't sell I haven't lost anything.

I started a new tradition for birthdays. I made my daughter a star when she was a few months old. She picked out the yarn. This year, I hung the star on the front door for the entire month of August to celebrate her birthday. I thought this was a grand idea. I was very eager to make more stars. Until I realized the next birthday was in October and that's for the child who causes so many problems and I should be making this star NOW in order to be finished before October 1. And I thought about how he is never happy with anything. How no matter what we do it isn't enough, he wants more. I remembered a similar feeling when I made his fox. The entire time I sewed, I whispered hopes of improvement and wishes that he would get better. For a brief time, it seemed like things did improve. It didn't last long. I decided some calm was better than none.
With every single stitch, I say what would be best for him. His favorite color is green. I picked brown for stability.

Today I will put out more Halloween decorations. I think my hutch would be a lovely setting for the Halloween teddy bears. My daughter will adore them.

I haven't done anything else with glass cutting. I barely get to the studio. I feel like I'm in survival mode. I get the essentials done and nothing else. I'm actually relieved my annual Witches & Magick series starts soon. It gives me a break, I get to write more positive posts, and hopefully when the series ends I'll have art to show you.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Tuesday Updates

I'm a little fed up and stressed out. My stepson is still going through all his bad behaviors trying to do whatever it is he hopes to achieve. Yesterday was awful. He was up most of the night. He woke me up several times. My husband had a car accident on the way to work this morning. The last time he had a wreck was back in April when stepson stole the school library's cash box. That's how all this affects us. We're sleep deprived, nerves on edge, health failing, and somehow we still have to deal with life AND behavior problems.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Another Manic Monday

Friday I took my husband to the doctor about his neck. Never got to the studio, never made a Fiber Friday post. After going to the doctor we played musical pharmacy. We went to 3 different pharmacies and went to one twice. Our system is utterly broken and I don't understand how anyone buys medicine.

Saturday we were sleeping in because none of our children were home. But my husband was on call so we ended up going to the airport to fix a private plane. And stayed all day. Will more than made up the hours he missed going to the doctor. I, of course, did not get to my studio.

Sunday I finally got to work. My plan to use the sewing machine did not give the right effect. I ripped it out and started hand stitching. It's slow. I gave up on Fiber Friday. Maybe next week I'll have something.

Sunday afternoon we found out our stepson got his aunt's phone, downloaded a game with several pay to play add ons, and drained her bank account of over $600. She gave him the phone so he could play an educational game. He left the room. I have told them a thousand times not to leave him unsupervised with an Internet connection. But I'm the evil stepmother who won't let him have any fun, so what do I know?

Now it's Monday. I'm struggling to get back into my normal routine. Z came up with a fairly good punishment. Stepson is going to cut his grass. Z will pay his aunt $50 each time until the debt is worked off. No one else wants him at their house because first they don't want to watch him and second they don't want to be robbed. Z has already said his brother can't come in the house. We can't take him to his aunt's house because she lives in north Alabama and after this stunt she doesn't want him at her house. He was just banned from there 4 months ago because during the summer visit he stole collector toys and spent all night on the tablet, burning up 4 gigs of data. Did anyone learn anything? Nooooooo.

Thursday, September 6, 2018


During our home schooling lessons on Tuesday we read about Ansel Adams. There is currently an exhibit of his work at the Columbus Museum. Yesterday my stepson had an appointment but I cancelled because I'm tired of arguing with the doctor about prescriptions. I took my children to the museum instead. It was a slow day and we were almost the only ones there. The museum has recently been remodeled, so it was a new experience for all of us.

I finished another cube yesterday. I am very pleased with how it turned out. (The cube will be in tomorrow's Fiber Friday post.) I like making the cubes. I started wondering if I could sell them in the museum's gift shop. I know one of the artists who sells there. He didn't have much merchandise yesterday. I'm not sure if he needs to restock or if he's phasing out. Another artist sells scarves, and there are quilt books, so I wouldn't be too out of place. I'm not sure if anyone would buy the cubes. Well, I've sold one. I don't know if the cubes would sell on a regular basis. It occurred to me to turn them into lamps. That is easily doable without much more work. I think I'll let this idea simmer on the back burner for a while longer. I don't know if the gift shop is accepting new sellers now, or if it's strictly commissions or a rented space sort of deal.

My husband is having a reaction to something. He has painful boils on his neck. I noticed this morning his uniform shirt collar matches up with the pattern of bumps, but I don't understand why he doesn't have them on his chest or back. Or why he didn't develop them before now. He's had the uniforms for over a month.

I'm working on my Witches & Magick series. I have 5 posts scheduled and 4 more in the works. While searching for topics I stumbled onto Alchemy stuff. It's starting to make more sense now. The symbols for activation is in the circle, meaning there are symbols for heating over fire, for distillation, for mixing, for purifying, etc. If you understand all the symbols then you know how many ingredients and how to combine them. It's an entire recipe in symbols. I'm not sure I want to learn it all, but I am very happy I got some answers.

Behavior problems have tapered off. We are still dealing with problems, just not to the extent we were before. Nothing has gone away. We still don't know why. But for the moment things are calmer.

I think that's a complete update on everything. It's not a lot, but I've had too much to deal with. Not a lot is a blessing.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Omg, What Time Is It?

I suddenly realized this morning that it's September and I haven't started on my Witches & Magick series. Oops. Haven't even thought about it.

For a while I was being called to work with the dead. That didn't last very long, though I do feel the occasional pull. Right now the strongest call is for dragons. While everyone thinks dragons are cool, there aren't many resources for working with them. I think I will cover what I've learned about dragons. So at least now I have a theme.