Friday, July 20, 2018

Fiber Friday

Monday I got Autum finished. Completely finished, backed with hanging sleeve. I can hang it over the fireplace on the first day of fall.

Feeling very proud of myself, I pushed on with my mirror box.
I was pretty sure I would have it done Monday night. I actually started connecting the sides. Then my husband came home and I stopped sewing to help him with household issues. I cooked supper. I was really tired and my sinuses were acting up. I decided it wasn't necessary to finish 2 projects in one day. I went to bed. Then my stepson caused multiple problems all through the night. The next day, my proud of myself feeling vanished. I didn't feel like sewing anything.
I finally finished the box Tuesday. I feel let down. I thought it was a cool idea. I thought it would be a great way to display crystals or a prism or maybe a flameless LED candle would look great. Now I'm not sure why I bothered.
I started on a sign for my shop. Eventually I will have a trailer filled with merchandise and I will travel to fairs and flea markets. I've been chomping at the bit to start on this. I thought finishing 2 projects back to back meant I had the time to devote to something new, but I lack the drive and interest. I don't really feel like sewing anything.

That was about it for Tuesday, other than half-hearted attempts in the evening.

Wednesday I had a lot more done.

Wednesday and Thursday were rough days because Monday night we discovered our stepson stole a tablet so Tuesday we were dealing with punishment and the fact that he can't be left unsupervised for even a minute. Wednesday night he got the laptop so he could watch movies instead of sleeping. Thursday I assigned the task of clearing kudzu from the property. Lot harder to steal electronic devices when you aren't in the house. I spent a good amount of time wondering how different our lives would be if we didn't constantly deal with problems. I also realized many of my plans for art never come to fruition because one person disrupts the entire household. I started wondering if my stepson would ever straighten up, if I would ever be able to keep regular studio hours, or if any of it really mattered. At this point I felt really depressed.

Today is Friday. Due to the exhaustion of pulling stubborn kudzu vines, and coupled with more sleeping pills, I think my son slept. If he didn't he at least didn't wake anyone else. I slept, so I feel better. None of my children are home today, that helps a lot. I decided to do some quilting. I love quilts but I don't get to quilt much because I lack the space to leave things spread out undisturbed. Currently I can only make QAYG and small whole cloth quilts. I hope next week I'll have a finished block to show.

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Thursday, July 19, 2018


This morning I was reading a crafter's blog and she does mid year reviews of her New Year's goals. I really like the idea. It is very helpful to stay on track. It is important to decide if a goal is feasible, if what you're doing is working, if adjustments should be made. I see the importance of a review, but I think 6 months is a bit too long for me. I would like a little more flexibility. I decided seasonal reviews would work better for me. I decided this should be the way I set up my vision board. (Please note that I actually have it hanging on the wall now.) I had already started collecting pictures as well, though with my seasons idea I haven't decided if I will simply use inspiring pictures or if I will try to match/group according to season/goal. I intended to write goals out, and I think I will still do that. I decided to move Marilyn over. In the picture she's at a casino. I am gambling that my future will go like I planned. I may put sigils on the back of the paper to give a little magickal boost. I am toying with putting a crystal grid on the bulletin board. I think I could make it work with small gem chips and tulle fabric. Or maybe I could do macrame and leave long ends to hang over push pins. That would work for bigger, heavier crystals. This will mainly be for my art because my New Year's goal was to create more art and enter more shows. Hopefully I will have a finished vision board to show for Magick Monday.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Fuck Me Running

We have tried several sleep aids so my stepson will actually sleep at night. I don't like drugging him. But if I don't give him the pills he wanders around the house all night. Of course, he does this with the pills, too. His doctor isn't much help. He said we need to keep experimenting until I found the right combination.

Sunday night I tried spacing out the pills, working on the assumption that he couldn't fight every dose already in his system. He was asleep at 9pm when I gave him the last pill. I thought it worked. What I didn't take into consideration was if he would stay asleep.

All day Monday, he was sleepy. I thought this was because he hasn't slept in days so he had a lot of catching up to do.

The boys argued a lot Monday.

Monday night, the whole family went to bed early. Constantly waking to the sounds of someone snooping is tiring.

At 10:30 my stepson knocked over my husband's drink on the night stand.

Will spanked him. Everyone went back to bed.

Except we kept hearing noises. So Will got up to check. And discovered our stepson with his tablet. That is why he was in our bedroom, he was looking for the charger.

He didn't sleep all night Monday. He got up in the middle of the night to steal the tablet. He was sleepy because he had been awake since 2am. They were arguing about who should play games or use the Internet.

We took the tablet away. We sent everyone back to bed. We sat up in bed for a while trying to figure out the best solution. I put passwords on my devices because I'm pretty sure he will try to steal mine next.

This morning when my husband was getting for work, I heard a strange noise. I yelled for stepson to go to bed. Husband tried to leave but his backpack was missing. That was the sound I heard, stepson taking the bag into his room so he could get the charger. He won't admit it, but evidently his plan was to steal the tablet again. Meaning he learned nothing and doesn't care if it's wrong.

Not sure what I should do here. Even if I get him to sleep at bedtime, I can't ensure he stays asleep. I could give him more pills at midnight, but this disturbs my sleep and still doesn't mean he won't wake before I do. Hiding things doesn't keep him from going through the house. And I can't hide everything. There's nothing to stop him from getting steak knives and being destructive. Every time I think we've put up everything, he gets into something I didn't realize would be a problem. He ate sugar straight out of the jar. I can lock our bedroom door, but I worry that he will hurt my daughter and I won't hear with the door shut. I've got him in counseling. We've started testing to figure out what conditions we're dealing with. None of this solves problems immediately. I'm really tired of trying to help him. He doesn't want help. He doesn't want to change or deal with reality.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Magick Monday

Currently it's Friday. I decided to start Monday's post because I feel way behind. I'm not, it just seems that way because I've been online all. damn. morning. It started innocently enough, just checking notifications, then my cousin sent me a message about a reunion, which led to texting others, and the promise of contacting people. Then I agreed to a photo comment on Facebook and I keep forgetting how big that group is. Then I got another message about a different matter. Then there was the usual family texts about plans. And of course today is Friday and I have posting commitments. I haven't really done anything but the morning seems jammed packed busy so I get why people feel overwhelmed and out of time. I am so glad I don't do this every day.
Witchcraft has been touch and go lately. The most witchy I get is Pinterest. (Which is where I found these pictures.) I guess that's better than nothing. I did do a journal ritual for a new car since my truck isn't going to make it. Actually, I think Magick is all that is holding the Titan together. I've blown the head gasket and have to add water before I drive anywhere. I'm now adding quarts of water instead of just topping off the radiator. My Hardbody is still in the shop. The CR-V is getting a new head this weekend. Our only means of transportation are the Harley, the Titan, and the Dakota with the really bad brakes and no insurance.
I was doing some mirror work to turn back time. Shit gets crazy when I do this spell but shit was already crazy, and in dramatic twists good things DO come about, often ending up better than I hoped for. I decided to go for it, then I stitched the mirrors together because keeping them undisturbed in a tri-configuration is tricky. I can't tell if it's working yet, but with the mirrors disguised as art I find it much easier to do the spell.
Having enough privacy to use my Magick box is difficult. I'm no longer doing the work daily and it's starting to tell. I haven't found a solution yet.
I did bring in my bulletin board. I added one picture of my idol, Marilyn Monroe. And then life got crazy. As I haven't hung it up, I guess it doesn't matter if my vision board is ready or not. I decided what sort of goals I should have, and I decided I should probably divide the bulletin board into sections, and I should probably update it every moon. Not sure if those count as progress or not.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Fiber Friday

I have plans for my fiber art piece. Not really sure when I will work on it, but I know what to do now.
This is another of my cubes, though it won't be solid. It will just be an empty box. The mirrors will be inside.
I started on a personal quilt, I just didn't get very far. There was a good bit of stopping to oversee errant children. I'm using cloth for my paper piecing because I seriously hate picking paper out of seams and the only tears away neatly is when I have to rip something out and redo it.
I bought this horse a long time ago for my daughter because it was on clearance. Her birthday is in August so I decided to get busy. The magnifying glass was my father's and I thought it would be useful for sewing. I haven't tried it out yet. My mother bought it in an antique store and she insists Dad did not properly appreciate it. I was happy she let me have it because magnifying glasses are rather expensive.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018