Monday, November 28, 2016

On a Personal Note

I won't be posting for a while. My husband is having surgery tomorrow. Nothing too serious, he's having his tonsils, adenoids removed, his palate moved forward, and his nasal passages opened. He stays sick. About 3 or 4 times a year we end up in Urgent Care because he can't breathe or his sinuses are draining on his stomach. The surgery is supposed to resolve all that. He's not going to feel well for at least a week. I obviously can't blog while taking care of him. We are doing this now because in January we get new insurance. Also in January, Trump takes office. He has promised to end Obama care. Per Trump's usual m.o., he didn't say how he would do this or what kind of care would be in place. So since there's too many unknowns, and because we've already met our deductible, now is the best time.

In other news, I am still leaving magick where it can be found. I think we need magick more than ever. I have left my little charms at the post office, the library, and the Kroger parking lot. I try not to leave them in a store where they could be mistaken for merchandise. I just bought plastic canvas stars so I can make lucky star charms. I think we need luck most of all.

I am also working on art. I have started the piece I will enter in the artist guild show. I have started a Facebook page to promote my art. Apparently I need a website as well because Facebook doesn't seem to want to stand alone. My page keeps asking me where to send customers if they want to buy something. Extra work, yay.

I've had a good deal of stress dealing with inlaws. That is supposed to be resolved but it isn't really because nothing is different. My husband refuses to be involved and after several futile efforts to make things better I realized I couldn't fix it because I wasn't being wronged. I decided he was right. Now I'm staying out of it too.

The leaves are changing but it is unseasonably warm. My little patch of land seems confused. It is very dry here. We haven't had rain in over a month. I'm thinking about influencing the weather. Normally I let Mother Nature do her thing because she knows far better than I what is best. But the trees have a desperate feeling around them and I am starting to worry.

I am breaking my rule of never discuss politics. This has been a nasty election year. I've never seen so much pathetic whining. And on all sides. Most of the Hillary supporters are certain life as we know it is gone forever. I really don't like Trump. I don't think he can do the job. But I don't think he will set us back 20 years either.  Our rights are not suddenly going to end. I think it will probably be more like when Bush was president and it was unwise to openly be Pagan. People didn't have a problem openly mocking Witches. But we still had our rights. I think that's how it will be for gays. I'm not sure yet how things will be for others. I think the people who are talking about leaving the country fear what COULD happen and are assuming it is happening rather than seeing what is occurring. I don't have any answers. I have decided to focus on what I do have control over. I'm going to do magick. The world needs it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kitchen Witch 4

This is a zero carb breakfast. I haven't mentioned low-carb cooking but I should since both me and my husband are diabetics. I'm a type 1 and he's type 2. Some people assume that as long as type 2's take their meds they can eat whatever they like. This is not true. I have noticed that type 1's live longer with far less complications. Food affects us much faster. With type 2's the effects are not seen until some time later and by then it's too late- the damage is done, and it is nearly impossible to reverse a poor diet after years of bad habits.

The American Diabetes Association recommends adult females eat 15 grams of carbs per serving and not more than 45 carbs in a meal. Adult men can have 20 per serving and 60 per meal. I think that's really sexist. I think they need a better system that takes weight, lifestyle, and activity levels into consideration. Don't get me started on their dietary recommendations for pregnant women. There is no reason why men should be allowed more carbs than women. I eat more than my husband and he out weighs me by 160 Lbs. My sugar drops often. His rarely does.

The problem with being diabetic is this: you can't eat what you need to live. Carbs are fuel for the body. Too many will make me sick. Literally. I will vomit if my sugar is too high. This is my body's way of ridding itself of extra sugar. Too few carbs is like trying to coast a car on fumes- everything comes to a complete stop in short order. The lower my sugar is the harder it is to think. Never mind trying to function.

The best diet for a diabetic is to first pick out a meat because protein has no carbs. Then put at least 2 vegetables with it. That's it unless your sugar is low, then add bread. Eat fruit for dessert.

A lot of people think diabetics shouldn't eat fruit because fruit has carbs. I call bullshit. Fruit will raise your sugar but it does it slowly and your body has to work at digesting it. Fruit usually has fiber and fiber erases carbs. Always remember that. The more fiber the better. If a nutritional label states a food has 12 carbs and 3 grams of fiber then actually you are only getting 9 carbs. Fiber is magic. Sadly, there is nothing with more fiber than carbs.

The best way to eat is this: the more ingredients you can identify the better. If you are reading a list of chemicals, put the box down. Don't eat it. Walk over to the produce aisle. Buy whole, unprocessed foods. Most fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw so yay! No cooking!

I mostly cook from stratch. Manufacturers love to add sugar to everything. When I say everything consider this: McDonald's adds sugar to the salt used to season French fries. Sugar is addictive. Their fries taste different than the ones you eat at home so you tend to eat more of them. Don't be a mindless sheep grazing along unawares. Know what you are eating.

Despite what cookbook publishers would have you to believe, low-carb cooking is very simple and easy. I'm going to write 2 more posts on this subject. One about low carb recipes and one about choosing low carb in the real world.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kitchen Witch 3

I intended to have pictures to go along with this recipe because I make it all the time and while I can read perfectly well, I am a very visual person. I figure most of my readers would like to see what happens. But I was so intent on cooking that I utterly forgot about my blog. So sorry, just words today.

The name is Breakfast Skillet, but it's made in the slow cooker. This is very similar to the Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls. You will need:
3 cups of milk
5 1/2 Oz box of au gratin potatoes
1 tsp hot sauce
5 eggs, lightly beaten
1 Tbsp mustard
4 oz can sliced mushrooms
4 slices bacon, fried and crumbled
1 cup cheddar cheese

Combine all ingredients except for cheddar cheese. Cook on High for 2 1/2 to 3 hours or Low 5 to 6 hours. Sprinkle cheese on top before serving.

I used real potatoes the last time I made this because I didn't have a box of au gratin. I leave the mushrooms out because my husband is allergic. I don't brother with the hot sauce or mustard either because both myself and my older son will cover our food with hot sauce when we sit down to eat. It doesn't matter if I add cheddar or not, at least half the family will added cheese again anyway. This recipe also works nicely as a breakfast buritto filling.

Magickally, hot sauce can be used to make someone feel remorse. Mustard is fiery can be be used to add passion (thus this could be a good thing to serve after a fight with your lover) or it can be used to invoke anger (thus giving a more do-what's-right-even-it's-difficult type of vibe). Bacon is abundance (bring home the bacon) and so is cheese because it usually costs more to have a restaurant add it to food. Mushrooms are also abundance because they spring up quickly from waste. Since they are phallic shaped they figure into love and fertility as well. Mushrooms help to remove toxins from their environment so they can be used for banishing. Because so many mushrooms are poisonous and great care is needed to identify which are edible, mushrooms represent wisdom. And madness due to hallucinations. That's a lot of potential magick for 1 ingredient!

You may be wondering what spell I used. I didn't. I just cooked breakfast. Kitchen Witchery doesn't mean everything IS a spell, it means knowing how to turn whatever is handy into a spell.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Stitch Witchery- How I Empower Charms

I wanted to give an update on my latest ongoing project, leaving charms for others. The premise is simple: give people what they need. To do this I am leaving spells where they will be found and hopefully used by people who really need them. Imagine finding a good luck charm. It doesn't really matter what it is, a key, a coin, a pebble, or a ring. What matters is when you have it you feel that things go your way. This makes you happier and more confident. Or maybe you need love and you find some little heart shaped thing and next day you find yourself talking to a very attractive person. Maybe the little heart helped because it made you more open to possibilities.

So far I've made 3 charms. I've only left one for others to find. The last two charms are currently in my magick box.
This is actually an antique wooden cigar box. My mother bought it for her father. He used it as a first aid kit. He kept it in his truck. The size was a perfect fit between the gear shifter and the seat. I got the box when Papa got a new truck. I used to store hair stuff, brushes, bands, and barrettes. When we moved into this house I didn't need the box anymore. I kept thinking it was good for something, I just couldn't figure out what. Then I was doing a week long spell that had to remain undisturbed so now it's a magick box.

If you've never used one, magick boxes simply hold power. They can be used to grant wishes or to manifest. They work well for time spells. Or they can be used to build power in objects which is how I use my box.

I always start by sprinkling salt in the box to clear negative energy and to provide a clean base for my spell. Then I place my object to be empowered in the box. If I am worried about salt reactions I will either pour the salt out or smudge with incense before placing the object inside.
After putting in the cubes I made, I stated my intent- luck. I decided to use both cubes even though I didn't make the first one with magick. I think the box will bring enough magick into the equation. I started adding things I thought were lucky. Or in this case I opened the spice cabinet and said, which spice is lucky?  I chose Bay leaves to remove negative energy, cayenne to make the spell go, cumin for unexpected sweetness, oregano because it felt right, and cinnamon because it is good for love, health, and money.

The cubes will stay in the box for 3 days. Then I'll dust off the spices and find a nice public place to leave them. May whoever picks them up have all the luck they need.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Kitchen Witch 2

This week's post is simply tips for adding/doing magick while you cook. Next week I'll have another recipe.

There are a ton of Kitchen Witchery tips. Some of them really don't make sense and it's obvious whoever wrote them never practiced this form of magick because if they did any cooking they would know why it doesn't work. The one I find most annoying is burning a candle on the stove. Do you know what happens to said candle when the oven is on? The wax melts. Do you know what happens when a stove eye is on while a candle sits on the stove? Melting candle wax on one side of the candle. Plus there's that whole live flame in an awkward spot. Do you know what happens to a burning candle when the vent is on? It either goes out or the flame flutters wildly.

Now if you are after the aromatherapy effects and you have a glass candle or wax melts in a mason jar then that's fine to leave sitting on the stove. As long as you don't intend to ever burn the candle. As the wax becomes liquid the wick will sink to the bottom and you'll never be able to light it.

This is what sits on my stove. I bought it in Childersburg, AL. That's where Desoto Caverns is located. This is not a naturally occurring stone from the cavern. Nothing is taken out because there are more tourists than rocks. The cavern is a living system and too many people handling stalagmites can damage them. Thus, the souvenir stones sold in the gift shop carry made in China labels. This particular crystal point wasn't labeled at all so I don't know where it's from or what kind it is exactly. I doubt it is real amethyst. More likely this is an agate because they accept dyes very well. Which means beware of boiling stones in water because it's very hard to tell if the stones are natural. Some of the dyes are toxic. There's a good bit of spells telling you to boil a crystal in water to make a potion. If you notice the water changing color DO NOT DRINK. I do not advise placing crystals in food for this reason and if you forget to remove the crystal before serving someone could chip a tooth. You can use crystals like a wand to trace sigils onto dishes. You can arrange them on your table for magickal effects. This one is in my kitchen to promote good chi.

One tip I wish Witches mentioned is keeping the kitchen clean. There's a very good reason why health inspectors grade restaurants on cleanliness. You can't prepare good food in a dirty kitchen. Now do you think you can cast spells in filth?

I have a gas stove. I prefer gas because food cooks faster and more evenly. If the power goes out I can still feed my family. The stove can be used as another heat source should we have very cold weather. Because the pilot light always burns I consider the stove to be an eternal flame.

I cook with cast iron. It takes some getting used to. Cast iron is very heavy but that is what makes it so durable. Cast iron can handle extremely high heat but it looses heat quickly so I can take a pan of biscuits out of the oven and by the time I've set the table and called the boys I don't need to worry about anyone burning their fingers. Fairies do not like iron. This is something to consider if you intend to work with the fey. I do not, but if I did I'd do that kind of magick away from my house.

I stir clockwise. There isn't really a reason other than I feel that it is a natural direction.

I don't really adhere to the religious part of Witchcraft. In general I follow Hecate. She requires Her followers to handle business each month. That means the bills are paid and the pantry is restocked and menus are planned. I think this just makes sense. I clean out cabinets to make sure the food is fresh and we have everything we need. This is also the time to replace or buy cookware and kitchen tools.

I haven't done very much broom magick but it is something I would like to explore. I've always thought of the broom as a tool, but when I read about feeding the broom I realized the broom was more in the category of familiar. I find this intiguing. You can also ask the broom to do spells for you. I have decided when I replace my brooms I'll give it a try. I did have a decorative broom I used to clean sacred space but once straw started falling out I threw it away and never got a replacement. I will definitely have a post and more information if I get into broom magick.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Stitching Charms

I have been making little charms and leaving them in public places for others to find. This is the first cube. As I was learning, I didn't put any magick in it.
This is the cube I finished today. I included the tape measure because when Air Witch saw the pictures of cube 1 she thought it was much larger, maybe 4 inches. These are one inch square. The second cube is for luck. I haven't decided where to leave it. My first charm was a heart which I put in the post office.

Thoughts, questions, comments?

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kitchen Witch Series

I decided to keep going with the Witches & Magick posts, only I would focus on Kitchen Witch spells. These will be things I regularly do in my kitchen, meaning all the spells posted in this series works for me. I will warn you now, I rarely do anything the exact same way I did it before. So I'll make lots of suggestions on other ways the spell can be done or other ways to enhance it, but there isn't going to be much of exact processes. Some people find this annoying if they aren't sure how to do it. For people who just want the general idea, this is great.

Cooking a ham. I always cook ham in the slow cooker. I find this to be the easiest way as hams really need a long cooking time. With the slow cooker I don't have to worry about basting. The only real requiriment is making sure the ham fits! I have had to slice off bits in order to squeeze the ham in. I try to place the  side with the most fat at the top so that juices run down the ham as it cooks. All I added was a beer. Most any beer will do, but I find apple flavored beers and ales pair best with pig, so I also cook pork chops this way. Wine works very well, and so does whiskey. For a non-alcoholic recipe use honey or fruit juices. Cook the ham on low for about 8 hours. After the ham has cooked, I will give the meat juices and bones to my dogs. My entire household loves it when I use the slow cooker.

Magickally, pigs represent abundance.  Good times to cook this dish would be on payday, during waxing or full moons, at the peak of summer, the beginning of harvest, when you are waiting for tax refunds, or when you fear running out of money. Don't forget to say a money chant. Trinka 5, Trinka 5, ancient spirits come alive. Money grow and money thrive, spirits of the Trinka 5. 

Every part of a pig can be used for something so this is also a good dish for when you need something useful or you would like to motivate people.

Because my family equates the slow cooker with good food that makes them happy, and because my husband has been rather moody, as I poured the beer over the ham I asked for happiness. Think happy as a pig in mud. And beer making people mellow. To enchant food I hold ingredients, imagine them filled with light or energy, then say what I wish to achieve. After all the ingredients are added, I do the same thing with the entire dish. I believe this helps the spell to harmonize  (multiple ingredients usually have different corospondences) and it affirms the spell. When people say the blessing this is what they should be doing. And you thought saying grace was an Xian thing.