Friday, May 18, 2018

Fiber Friday

Every once in a while I get a simple idea that works really well, and then I am astounded that I didn't think of it sooner.
I suddenly realized I have plenty of storage space in my closet. These suitcases are empty. This is finished product ready to sell storage space. And! I have enough suitcases for each category. Thus, not only can I store everything, but I can label them and not have to unpack all my inventory plus easily set up at shows and fairs. If I take a personal trip I'll just use whatever suitcase has the least in it. This is not counting my husband's bag, and really, I can buy more and keep them separate. It works out all the way around.
My sons joined Boy Scouts. Now I am the Chief Patch Attacher.

I'm desperately trying to finish 2 quilts before their deadlines.

And I thought of more items I could make to sell, but between deadlines, patches, and ordinary life, I haven't gotten anywhere, thus the short post.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018


I made another cube. They have names, and I am making them to express the things I cannot say. Well, I could say those things, but too many people would take offense; then there would be drama.

The first cube I made is the multicolored, quilt block patterned one to the back. It's called "Proud and Bitter" and there is a message inside where I wrote how I felt. I tried not to make my words too negative. I made the red cube yesterday. It is called "An Uncomfortable Truth." It doesn't have a written message. The meaning of the cube lies in how I created it- the stitches, the mirrors, and the marble I used for support.

I have ideas for more cubes. Later, I would like to make spheres. I've attempted temari balls, but it didn't come out well at all. Artistically, these are satisfying to make. I've made small cubes before, approximately one inch square. I thought larger cubes (2 1/2 inches) would be difficult to make, but they aren't. Maybe it's just because I already learned the mechanics by making the small cubes. The bigger cubes allow for more pattern. Maybe that is what makes them fun.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Fiber Friday

Last week I didn't post because first I didn't have anything ready, and second it was one of those stressful days with errand after errand. By the time I finally got a moment to write, the day was over. I wasn't very productive last week so I didn't have much to show anyway.

This week I've tried hard to put forth real effort. I did clean in the studio. And outside, too. I emptied the trailer and had the boys move it across the yard. I feel so much better now that I can walk straight to the door, instead of veering around a utility trailer. I also got my hands on a box, so my ceramic Christmas tree is in the attic. AND! I may be getting a wall. Or at least starting on one. My friend works for a box and pallet factory. She is going to get scrap wood for me. Progress!

Over the weekend I worked on the plastic canvas hexagons, which I finished Monday. I can add the gear stars now. Since the project was pretty much done, I emptied the project bag. I found a Ziploc bag of star charms. I don't remember what I was going to do with them, but they might look nice on the hexagons. These were going in my bedroom, but I've decided to put them in the studio instead.

My top priority is this block that I am making for SAQA. I know I will finish in time but it still has to ship, then travel. The deadline is June 1.

Tuesday is Amazon day and I listed a bag I made years ago but never sold.
I have tried to use a site for artists called Ello. My first post didn't load. I thought maybe things needed to be posted from a desktop, but the site freezes when I use my computer. I can't navigate Ello very well. If I can't get it to work after this weekend I'm going to stop using it. So far very little art has held my attention. I don't think it will be much of a loss.

Update: after typing this I got onto the site via my tablet. I can post now. I can see my posts. I was able to look at other's work. Ello is sort of like Pinterest, but all art. My desktop still freezes up. But things are working from my tablet so I'm good.

I partly solved some of my storage problem. Once these shelves are painted, I will store finished quilts waiting to ship. I may store finished product, ready to sell as well. As my inventory of sellable items grows larger this won't work so well. I would like to have everything in boxes ready to go. But anyway, I have a place to put things now.

Wednesday everything went wrong. Boys wouldn't get ready for school, toddler was cranky, and I wasted an hour trying to get wood when nobody would answer their phone. I tried to sew to make myself feel better.
Except this project hasn't gone right yet. This is my second attempt. It still doesn't look right. I decided this wasn't what I wanted to make. Instead of trying to correct the problems I just stopped. I switched to making cubes.
Wednesday is gift day. I realized it is okay to give myself a gift. This cube is for me. I want to express my feelings. At times that is a necessity.

I made rapid progress on this. In fact, I was on the second side when my husband came home. He told me his sister opened oldest son's mail, then started calling family members to tell his business. I decided to write down how I feel about every one and put those feelings in the cube. I'm calling it "Proud and Bitter."

Thursday morning I woke up drenched in sweat from a low sugar. Since I really didn't feel like doing anything, and since I was still fed up with my in-laws from the day before, sitting on the couch sewing seemed like the ideal solution.
All the sides are made, now the cube has to be put together. And I still have to write how I feel.

This is as far as I got Thursday night. The cube is mostly sewn together. All of my cubes need something inside them to support and maintain structure. I decided to use a rubber ball.
This was my first choice. I thought the color was a good representation of bitterness. But it is small. I would need to wrap lots of fabric around the ball before it would be anywhere close to the right size. The more I wrap, the heavier the cube becomes.
I traded the green ball to my daughter for this pink ball because it's twice as big. I may still need a bit of wrapping, but not much. I then wrote how I felt on a strip of paper. I tried not to make it too negative. I listed the complaint, like ignoring problems, then I wrote a wish, like having the courage to deal with issues. I showed the list to my husband. I didn't want to hide anything from him. He thinks this is a really bad idea. He believes the message will never be hidden, eventually someone will see it, get offended, and then more drama will erupt. I don't think that will happen. The message will be inside the cube. In order for anyone to read it, they would need to destroy the cube. At that point, we have an entirely different problem.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Magick Monday Green Witchcraft Edition

I have this aloe that needs to be repotted.
Aloe is a wonderful healing plant. It is soothing to all sorts of skin irritations. Aloe is more than just burns. I use it for rashes, scrapes, and bug bites. The leaves last a long time after being cut. They last even longer in the refrigerator. My granddaughter broke off a leaf 4 months ago. I'm still using it.
The bowl in this picture belongs to my sister-in-law. It contains shells and sand, presumably from a coastal vacation. She left it in the old house. I tried several times to give it back. She left lots of things behind. When I tried to ask if she wanted them she would cut me off saying that those things were bad memories. Of course, later she would want something and would be infuriated because I kept it. Periodically I will ask if she wants any of her stuff. She still rudely says no, then at next holiday she will loudly bemoan not having her decorations.

I don't want the bowl, but I do want the stand, which I will get to in a minute. First, I want to talk about the spell.

I've had lots of trouble with my sister-in-law. She has flat out lied, started wild rumours, got my children in trouble, and showed her ass on social media. Much like the sand, she's irritating and not good for much. Even when I try to stay out of her drama, she still drags me and my husband in. I guess she's bored. Or maybe she thinks herself undeserving of friendship because she drives away all her friends and romantic partners.

Because aloe is so healing, I want to use it to heal this family. I'm hoping it can metaphorically heal the sting of harsh words. Aloes need well drained soil. Mixing the sand into the flower pot might make it useful after all. I hope tying the plant to my sister-in-law would make her more nurturing. Maybe she will turn into a decent person, but that is a super long shot.

First step is to clean. Always clean before casting. It just makes everything work better.
So I gave my water dragon a bath.

Then I put my large quartz on the stand (which is why I wanted to keep the stand) and I got out my grandmother's shell because I suddenly feel a need to work with ocean energy.

Next, I repotted the aloe.
There were shells in the bowl. I put these into the pot first. Shells are both emotions and protection. I asked that we be protected from any drama that she tries to create.

I set the aloe in the pot and poured the sand in. However, the sand was so fine that most of it spilled out the drain holes as soon as I picked up the flower pot. I realized a lot more cleansing would need to take place before any real change occurred. I dumped the sand into the yard and did a banishing.
I hung the aloe on the porch. I asked that she grow into a more mature and kinder person who can accept responsibility for her actions. I'll keep you posted on any updates.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May Day!

It's Beltane! Or Happy Sex Day if you prefer. I want to lock my husband in the bedroom as soon as he gets home, but that won't happen because we have a boy scouts meeting. :(

Today would be an excellent day for self care or beauty rituals. Practice glamour. Be romantic. Or garden or go to the park. Or make an effort to eat fruits at every meal.

Whatever you do, make it a joyful day.