Monday, April 24, 2017

Another Reading

I did another reading this morning and got the Zombie card again. I haven't completely resolved the cleaning issue despite trying hard to do things differently. I think this is because of my family doing really dumb things like putting crackers in the freezer, letting a dog in but not bothering to clean up muddy paw prints, or leaving laundry on the floor. I haven't decided how to solve this yet.


fluffy said...

I have been reading lately myself with my fey. I know I am a bit obsessive with housework, but who wants to live in a dirty home? I'm having a few problems with misunderstandings with my husband at the moment, but the cards don't seem to be making it any clearer. I've been looking for a spell online to focus on the positives, but can't seem to find one. Perhaps your zombie card refers to mindless work, or other people not actually seeing what's in front of them (the mess they create) going about their day like zombies. Love fluffy x

FreeDragon said...

That could be true. They aren't thinking about anything. Good luck talking to your husband.

fluffy said...

We had chat worked some things out :) decided to leave off magic relating to hubby. Focused on my surroundings instead did a lot of sweeping , chanting as I did it. I'm busy reading through some of your old posts at the moment love fluffy