Monday, March 6, 2017

How to Resist

Lots of people think the only way to resist the government is to start a revolution. People don't want to do that, it's dangerous to say the least. But there's small things you can do. Small things DO matter. Sometimes it only matters to one person but that's okay because one person can change the world.

I don't think Trump was ever supposed to win. I think he was merely to be the dog and pony show that distracted us from real issues. But somewhere along the way, his competitive nature took over. Now he's in office and the Republican party cannot control him. A rumor is circulating that Trump has dementia. Which would explain a lot.

I recently read Sir Patrick Stewart is going to apply for U.S. citizenship for the sole purpose of resisting Trump. This thrilled me to no end, not because I think Stewart will succeed, but because it is proof that he feels the way I do. It is comforting on a primal level to know there are other people who believe in the same things you do. It makes you believe that maybe things will be alright after all.

And that should tell you just how bad things are when the British are encouraging Americans to revolt.

For those of you who think cursing violates the Rule of Three, then don't curse anyone. You can send protective energy to protesters instead. Or calm energy to the police. Or healing energy to the Earth.

You can spend less. You can buy products NOT made by one of Trump's companies.

You can do what I did on Facebook- I got tired of the constant hate so instead of feeding into that junk I did a photography challenge. Each day I posted pictures. I didn't read or like anything in my newsfeed for 30 days. I just made sure there were non-political posts on Facebook.

If you want a more direct approach, send Trump a postcard. The idea is simple,  they can't build a wall high enough to stop the mail. March 15 is the day to send a postcard or 12 dozen to the White House so that Trump knows exactly how we feel. And he'll probably read most of them, and if he's busy reading and fuming then he doesn't have time to ruin the country. Tell him there's already walls between the USA and Mexico and those walls just slow people down rather than stop anyone from entering. Tell him his hair is stupid. Tell him you voted for someone else. Tell him Hillary won. Tell him your cat puked on the carpet during his press conference.

Stay tuned for more resistance ideas. I've got a bunch of them.

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