Friday, March 10, 2017

The Work I'm Doing

A few days ago I went to town. On the way I reminded myself to send energy to people. (And yes, I am still leaving charms. With the last one I stepped up a notch. I left a prosperity cube on someone's car. Did that person need it? I don't know for sure but judging by the condition of the car a little money wouldn't hurt.)

My immediate problem/realization was how exhausting it is to constantly send energy. I wasn't waiting for someone who obviously needed help such as a driver on the side of the road with their stalled car. I was trying to help everyone because we all need something. I decided I needed to do land based spells so that everyone who passed would reap benefits.

My places of choice became intersections with traffic lights for the simple reason that most people will be forced to stop thus giving the spell a chance to work. The spell itself is chakra balancing because when our chakras are balanced we are healthy and happy. When we are in a positive state of mind we are better able to solve problems. We are more focused and we tend to be nicer to others.

Magick is an art. It takes practice. Figuring out what spell to do is theory. Doing the work is not always easy because magick follows the path of least resistance meaning that we often get what we asked for but not in the way we planned. I don't know yet how well this is working. I may need to do something a bit more involved like Astral traveling to each location in order to build some sort of temple or battery. I may need Astral prayer flags because they are believed to promote positive energy even if the residents have never read the flags. I may need to rebuild or recharge often. This may be too big of an undertaking for a lone Witch. Which is why I am mentioning it here so you can join in if you like.

I cast a circle around every intersection I stopped at, then as I watched cars pass I imagined the drivers' chakras aligned and spinning brightly. I couldn't focus on any one driver very long; they passed too quickly. Which brings us to this question - how long is enough?

I think a brief alignment is better than none at all. I think if people go through the intersection several times a day they will start to feel better and possibly they will start to spend more time in that place. Now you see the importance of having this at every intersection.

You can do this in other places, I just choose traffic lights because everyone passes through one at least once a day. Parks are another excellent choice. While hospitals desperately need it, I do not recommend doing the work there because the energy required to make an improvement could drain you in a hurry. Save the hospital for
when working with a large group of Witches.

I think if the spell is successful there should be a reduction in crime. Areas may become revitalized or there could be more community clean ups or neighborhood watch groups. Eventually, schools would improve and there would be noticible  changes in voting.

Even if nothing changes, I feel I must try. Things cannot go on as they are. The world is at stake.

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