Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Picture

In not being personal I ended up using a personal photo. My old picture of the Salem mural let everyone know where I'm at. I don't mind that so much because I still don't think anyone could find my house but the picture doesn't address the direction I'm taking with this blog. I'm still doing work to support my land base but since I'm writing general Witchcraft practices now I want a picture that represents a practice any Witch would recognize. Yesterday one of my dogs brought this skull home. This is the third time a pet has given me a skull. I've decided to use it in a protection spell. So how is this a more personal photo you ask? It's on my front porch and in the background is evidence of our on-going demolition project. I'm still very much in favor of using what is readily available. The difference now is I'll post a picture of something in my home but I'm not going to mention how I feel about the mess in the yard.

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