Thursday, March 31, 2016

Stitch Witch- Beginning Thoughts and Plans

I decided to do a money spell. Money is good right now which is why I want to cast a spell that allows me to hold on to prosperity. Good things don't last forever and it is rather depressing to have more month than money or worse, painfully sticking with a budget only to be blindsided by unexpected bills. In this post I'll talk about how I sort through ideas to figure out what will work and how I make use of what I already have.

My first thought was to create a brand new piece. That was a lovely idea until I realized I was out of the canvas I wanted to use. Spending money on a prosperity spell is generally a bad idea because it proves you'll never have enough and you can't budget. Scratch that.

Next I looked at what I already had and I found this:
I intended to make a series of hex signs. This one was going to be catalyst and it is for bringing change. It must be used carefully. I never finished it because stitching the background took forever and I was discouraged and by the time I finished the background I was married and a property owner so I no longer felt stuck and needing change. But I would like to make money changes because I don't like worrying about how to pay bills.

Now I have a mostly finished format, and I have materials to finish. The next consideration is timing. Do I wait for a waxing moon so money grows or do I use the current phase for banishing debt? I think either would work or I could combine things like start now during the waning moon but make sure I start during a time ruled by Jupiter for expansion and beneficial energies. This sounds like the best idea. 

The next part is a bit odd, but it just goes to show how my mind works. I figured out where my hex sign would be placed.

Here's my kitchen. I recently had to move a few things to keep my crawling baby safe. First, I had to tie up an electrical cord (for the salt lamp which is glowing in center of the picture). Then I realized that she could still reach it because she would climb on top of boxes of soda. And I was constantly chasing after her before she got too close to the trash can. The trash can went into the laundry room, the door stays shut, and the drinks moved to where the trash used to be because there's no outlet on that wall. It makes better sense because the drinks are now beside the cabinet where I keep coffee, tea, and Kool-aid. When you have children nothing is safe, not even the things on the mantle because that's in front of our t.v. and I figure it's just a matter of time before the boys knock over the glass eagle. Since I'm already moving stuff around I don't think anyone will think much of items relocating to one of those kitchen cubbies. So my hex sign is going in cubby on the left. My crystal ball is up there and it needs to go out to the sewing shed if I'm going to do Stitch Witchery on a regular basis. I doubt other Witches take this much time figuring out how to place things just so. 

Tomorrow I'll write about cleansing and empowering. Hopefully I can also start talking about stitching, but I think that will be a separate post.

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Jeanne said...

Great post. I enjoy reading about your thought processes.....
Thinking everything through is good. :o)