Sunday, March 27, 2016

A New Direction for This Blog

I've spent the past few days thinking about my blog. I started it as an online journal of sorts. But my life as changed so much in the past few years that I don't believe public journaling is still a good idea. I'm not going to close the blog; I really hate it when I find something I love to read and then the writer decides they're just not into it anymore. When that happens I feel like I lost a friend. Of all the blogs I started reading, only 2 are still in production. I've lost some followers. I believe this is because some of them disagree with the choices I've made in my private life. Of course, there's been a few times when I've stopped following people because of what they said, did, or believe. So I can't blame anyone for not following me. Some people have decided to cut back the time they spend online. As a society we worry far too much about the virtual world instead of participating in the real one. So I can't blame the ones who disappear either.

But I can control what I write about. So from now on this will be a blog about my Witchcraft and I won't mention my personal life unless I want to talk about a spell that benefits my family, like say a home protection spell. I think I'll remove the lists of blogs I read, and my list of followers because I don't think those things really matter to anyone but me and I'm no longer going to be personal.

I decided to stick to Witchcraft topics because those are the posts I get the most comments and hits on. Most of my heavy traffic occurs in October when I do my month long Witches and Magick posts. Let's just stick to what makes us happy.

All the old posts will still be here. I don't see any reason to delete them because they are part of my blog journey. Another type of post I get a ton of hits on is a plastic canvas lesson I did YEARS ago. About 3 times a month someone searches for it. I decided to do a stitch witch post; I'll go through every step of the sewing and show how I make it and how I add in magick.

I am still happy to get comments and I'll still gladly answer questions. But if you want to know what I'm doing privately maybe we should exchange email addresses or you should find me on Facebook.

For those of you who are staying with me, thank you.


fluffy said...

I am glad you have decided to continue blogging, I enjoy all your posts both personal and the witchy ones. I always read all posts even though I rarely comment. Long may you continue love fluffy x

Jeanne said...

Life changes and so do we. Thank you for hanging around. And like you said, "Let's stick to what makes us happy."

elizabeth said...

Thank you sincerely for continuing your fascinating blog. Truly, I enjoy reading snippets of your complex life and laughing at your sassy responses! You have so many gifts of knowledge which we hunger to share. With all of your family commitments, it is a wonder how you manage to express your witchcraft and crafting. Again, thank you!