Friday, November 20, 2015

Where I Am

My posting plans have been for naught.

The house is coming down! Half the roof is off and all but one room has been gutted. The crew is camping in the front room and using our old wood burning stove for heat.

I told my sister-in-law that Will and I wouldn't be attending Thanksgiving. What I said didn't register. She told me to come over to discuss the menu. I told her more plain- cook whatever you want because we will not come. We are having our own celebration in our house. It will be me, Will, the kids, and my mother. Awkward silence. Then she clumsily got off the phone. Mother-in-law hasn't broached the subject.

The vice-principal of my children's school sent out an email this morning. The Sheriff's Department learned that persons unknown purchased $32,000 worth of UPS uniforms. UPS did not authorize this purpose. It is believed terrorists are planning an attack and we are urged to ask delivery men for their credentials. I think if a bomb is being hand delivered to your house credentials or lack thereof is irrelevant.

We live in dangerous times. I am now always armed. It is annoying to constantly feel the weight of weapons about me.

Life goes on in spite of death. I'm exercising more, trying both to tone up and lower my sugar.

My little daughter is three months old. She is trying to crawl but lacks the body strength. She gets frustrated trying to propel herself forward. She refuses to give up.

I've started a bullet journal. I like it so far. It's easier to keep track of my life.

I've decided Benedict Cumberbatch is the best distraction on Earth.

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FreeDragon said...

Just learned the UPS thing is a rumor. Still not willing to walk around unarmed though