Monday, November 30, 2015

Change of Practice

So blogging isn't going at all for me because I have too much to do. Remember we're now in what I call the season of the housewife where every day is about cleaning and cooking. Thanksgiving dinner itself went well. I  planned for us to eat at 12 and I had all the food ready at 12:15. Due to buying a precooked turkey and prepping food the day before I didn't have to cook until 10:30. But I did have to call the deputies because one of the workers tearing down the house stole the company truck. Apparently he already had a warrant out for his arrest so he didn't want to go home for Thanksgiving. He wanted to camp in my yard. NO. If I've got to call the law on you then you can't stay in the yard. NO. Just NO.

I'm going to stop complaining. I decided to shift my focus a bit. I'm still a kitchen Witch whose practice centers around my home and family. I am still working on stitch Witchery because it's fun. I started a star for my daughter so soon I'll have that to show you. But the thing I'm doing different is spinning cords.

I've used cord magic before. But I only knew how to make one kind of cord on one kind of loom. Now I have 3 more looms and I can make 4, 8, 12, or even more strand cords. I can make round or flat. The possibilities suddenly got very interesting.

What can I do with cords? Jewelry, hair ties, handles, and knot spells. I've decided to make more looms. I want to have a loom used just for banishing work. A black loom that makes counterclockwise cords could be very powerful.

I will post pictures as I do more work. Spinning cords usually doesn't take very long so hopefully I can blog more soon. If I can't get to it before the year ends I will definitely be back on track in 2016.  

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