Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Running on Empty

My posting plans went awry because my husband stayed home on Wednesday since I had a low sugar. Then I surged through the rest of the week handling everything that was thrown at me. Weekends are always busy. Yesterday I did extra household chores because today is when my sewing circle meets and I knew I wouldn't be home to get anything done. So now I'm finally getting to show you some house magick. The person my husband bought the house from had a rock shop in the backyard. We are always finding crystals and because I like such things I end up with all the rocks. I am still dealing with behavior problems. I was washing the latest batch of stones when I decided I needed a spell. I got one of my metal bowls, sprinkled sage in the bottom to purify the situation, and then I added stones. As I placed each one in the bowl I gave it a purpose such as strength or purity or happiness. I used onyx to repel negativity. I placed the bowl on the living room window sill so that my spell could spread throughout the house. It's working so far.

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