Thursday, March 20, 2014

Left Over Spells

As I pack and put away my whole life into cardboard boxes, I've come across a few things that it would be irresponsible to leave as they are. There are some ritual items which I no longer use. There are a few spells I can't take with me, and some spells that I feel are specific to this house. Here's my demagick list:

The storm protection spell- this is one that I feel now pertains only to this house. This wasn't always the case and I carried the spell from my old house to this one. But I just don't think it will work as well on my new house, mainly because I don't have a new house yet and I will be sharing the house with several people. Because I need a way to incorporate several energies together, I'm leaving the storm protection spell here. My spell used rocks. I'm going to pour the rocks into a stump hole. Eventually, the magick will fade. There won't be any negative repercussions to leaving this spell. It won't twist or become a curse. Think of it as a door that slowly becomes weathered and worn. At some point the door isn't as secure or strong as it was when the house was newly built. Even when worn, the door still holds against many things, it could keep out wind, rain, or animals, but not a strong kick from a thief.

My feathers, keys, and bottles- I cleansed the feathers and I intend to reuse them. Same with the keys. The bottles are being kept as is and I will either renew or completely rework the spells in the new house. The bottle spells are humming along nicely and I don't want to undo them.

My staff- I don't use it anymore. It's going to be repurposed into garden art.

My broom- first of all, never take a broom used for cleaning to a new home, you will carry negative energy and bad luck with you. Leave brooms behind and buy a brand new one for a new house. Same thing for mops and dishrags. Magick brooms are a bit different because they are an extension of the Witch.  So if you really love it and it hasn't swept more than astral energy, then by all means, keep it. I'm sort of hemming and hawing because I love the broom, but it is slowly falling apart. It will probably go into a ritual fire.

Ritual fire- for the things you want to destroy. First, clean the fire pit of old ashes. Next, carefully select the wood. I would opt for oak because it is a strong tree and burns well. I would also choose at least one herb known for cleansing properties such as sage or lavender. Light the fire first. Make sure it burns well. Add the herbs. Add the item to be destroyed. Before placing the item in the fire, thank it for its service. If possible, break it to ensure it can't be used for magick again. When the fire has completely burned out and the ashes are cool, clean the fire pit again. Can't burn it? Bury it deep, preferably in a between place or at a crossroads.

How to decide if you should take a spell with you- if you could only take ONE spell or magickal item, and this was it, would you be happy? If the answer is no, ritually destroy it.

If you are afraid the spell will keep working- if it was a curse, it shouldn't have been on your property to begin with. If you think it will twist- surround yourself with mirrors to send the negative energy back. Use the opposite element to destroy it. If it was made with fire, pour water over it. If it is activated with air, bury it deep in the earth.

If you need it to keep working but you don't want to move it- seal it in a box and completely rework the spell in your new home OR if it is small enough, carry the spell in a bag on your person. Personally, I wouldn't start a spell that had to be undisturbed during a move, but if I had to, I'd set it up in a secure location far away from either my old home or my new home.

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