Friday, March 14, 2014

How This Witch Packs Up House

Started packing today. The first thing I did was sweep with my Witch broom. I want to remove negative energy and cut ties to this house.

Next, I lit incense. Again, this is to remove negative energy. I only want to take good into my new home. I held each empty box over the incense smoke because I don't know who handled those boxes before I did. Before placing an item in the box, I held that item in the smoke. I then dusted each item before carefully wrapping it in fabric. Yes, fabric. Free packing material. Make use of what you've got.

After the box is full, I label it. On all four sides and the top. I learned this when I had an inventory job. It will save you a ton of grief later. Labeling each side tells you at a glance what's in the box even if the box is knocked over. If the writing is blocked, if the boxes are piled up, you should still be able to discern contents with minimum effort without having to open anything.

After the box is labeled, I drew a protection spell on it. I did this with my fingers so there is no visible magick. I might not do this if I were going directly to my new house, but my things will be in storage for a few months. When we rent a storage unit, I'll put a protection spell on the unit as well.

When I've filled three boxes I take a break. Packing is physically, mentally, and emotionally tiring. Take it easy.

Along the way, I'm throwing things out. I do not want to carry anymore than is necessary.

It is important to have an out of the way place to store filled boxes. Do not leave anything where you will be forced to climb over or walk around it. That blocks the chi.

Later I'll have more moving tips, like what to do with spells you no longer need.

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