Sunday, March 23, 2014

Color Change

Several years ago, I painted my bookcases black. This worked out great because I had three very different book cases and the having them all the same color gave them unity and sorta made them match. The black also made the books pop and really, that's the point of having bookcases- to showcase books.

When my house was painted this past summer, the fool who wanted beer money doing the painting got lime green paint on two of my bookcases. If black makes books pop, imagine line green margarita paint popping off at you. Hideous.

I want to repaint my bookcases. After I packed up all my books, I realized that when I put the clear coat on, I didn't paint the inside of the bookcases. So the outside is glossy black and the inside is flat black. This is bugging the hell out of me. After I saw it I couldn't unsee it.

I went to Lowe's. The paint was ungodly expensive. Horrified, I postponed the project.

Today, Will tells me there is glossy black paint on his back porch. Awesome. Even better, my in-laws found a new paint brush for me. I was thrilled at not having to go to town.

When I finally got the lid pried off, I discovered the paint was dark gray.

I just went with it. How can I argue with free paint?

I'm thinking my new color scheme will be grays and purples with copper accents. Restful and weathered, yet still elegant and sophisticated.

But mainly I didn't want to buy paint. Shit's expensive.

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