Thursday, July 18, 2013

For Your Eyes Alone

Will sometimes takes Wednesdays off. I didn't know this. I sent a dirty picture to his phone. No response. Couple of texts. No response. Finally I called and got his voicemail. Worried, I left a message and five minutes later he texted back. Took day off. Was in the shower. 6 year-old brought me the phone.



Luckily the child didn't see the picture I sent. Later Will and I had a conversation about sexting and I apologized repeatedly for nearly traumatizing his son. We do this sort of thing all the time and I never once thought about anyone picking up his phone. Will sent me some pictures and after I admired them, I hit the delete button. Not because I didn't enjoy the pictures, but because I have a fear of losing my phone in a public place. Will said he had been moving pictures to files, then locking the files...

Wait. "Why don't you just delete them?"

"Hell, I like looking at them!"

So that's why, after making sure he wasn't anywhere near his kids, I sent nude Witch photos this morning.

Ah, romance!


Sarah said...

LOL. Ahhh, the modern age of sexting...I love the idea of nude Witch photos. Love that you feel good and are happy!

FreeDragon said...

He likes the Witch pics too! We decided to do a photo shoot the next time he comes over and he can keep those pictures in a secure location. I might let him draw me, if I can still that long :)