Saturday, July 20, 2013


Landlord showed up today with a house painter. He had told me a week ago he was going to bring the painter out here, but it slipped my mind. My landlord doesn't like to part with money. Last time I checked, paint, and all the supplies to go with it, was rather costly. Hiring a crew costs much, much more. The "I'm talking to a dude about painting the house" statement went in one ear and out the other.

We walked around the house in the blazing heat. It's so hot and humid here I literally gasp for air when I walk outside. It's like stepping into the middle of an Amazon jungle. That much wet, heavy air is a shock to the nerves.

The painter wants to pressure wash the house first. He doesn't think it needs much paint. The current colors are white and black trim. Landlord still wants a white house, but he let me pick the trim color even though I've decided to move. I settled on dark green. The house only has shutters on the front. I think more shutters should be added to all the windows. Landlord disagrees. I think the painter agreed with me, but he wisely stayed out of the argument.

It's going to take several weekends to paint because our guy has a regular job through the week. We don't have a crew, just one guy. First weekend will be washing, then a weekend to weed-eat and make repairs or caulk, and THEN the third weekend actual paint will be applied.

All of this means my plants need to be shuffled around, my bird feeders need to come down, and a couple of outdoor decorating projects have come to an abrupt halt. I'm all for the house looking better even though I intend to move. I'm thinking about writing a series of posts about house magick, specifically geared toward home improvement projects. If there is any subject you would like for me to cover, please leave a comment or send me an email. I can also talk about indoor projects like plumbing, the meaning of water, lighting, or spells involving carpets. For instance, I once drew runes on the back of a rug in my hallway so that each time I walked through my house I activated happiness and wealth. But I drew my runes with a Sharpie and the ink bled into the carpet. D'oh! I'd be happy to share my mistakes so you can avoid them.

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