Thursday, June 27, 2013

One Week

I now have a new goal with my abs. The man who was paying attention to me has pissed me off. He decided to let me simmer on the back burner while he tried to figure out his life. I go at every thing full throttle and I don't simmer quietly. Fucker. The plant is shutting down for the week of July Fourth. Tonight is my last night to work. I am off tomorrow because the plant will be doing inventory. I go back on the 8th. That gives me 10 days to tone up. When he sees me, I want him to think Damn. I made the wrong decision.

So last week, I looked like this:
And this week:
There's not much of a difference, but I feel better. I think things have tightened up a bit. I tried to put on the same clothes. I forgot I was wearing cut off shorts. I thought I had on pajama pants in the first picture. And hey look, I made the bed.
Last week my waist measured just under 31 inches.
And this week-
I'm slightly under 30 inches. If you're wondering about those red bumps, it's injection site marks. I hate them. Sometimes I get bruises. Insulin has to be injected into fat. I either inject into the backs of my arms or my stomach because those places are the easiest to get to. When the nurse tells you insulin can be injected into the top of the thighs, she is utterly forgetting that most people wear pants. This is after she tells you not to jab your thigh through jeans because the needle might bend or break off. I really hate taking shots in the winter time because all my sites are covered and it just draws more attention to myself trying to reveal bare skin so that, like a freak, I can poke myself with a hypodermic needle.

I decided I hate the exercise video. I've done it twice. The first time I ached miserably and the second time I got up really early to exercise. I skipped over to the last segment because that didn't require anything but me. The first segment requires a chair and the second one needs a towel. I didn't think about grabbing stuff until after I had the dvd going. I intended to go the last segment, then later in the day do the whole video. I was so clumsy I got disgusted and turned it off. I am not coordinated when I first get out of bed.

What I have found to be the most effective exercise is starting in a plank, then bringing my knee towards the opposite shoulder (left knee pulled towards right shoulder, then right knee to left shoulder). This doesn't sound like much, but it is really hard for me to do. I am trembling after ten. I feel that one way down deep and I am relieved when I stop. I'm trying to do that one the most. I exercise every day. Most days I do it three or four times. In all, my whole routine takes between 10 and 15 minutes. I vary the types exercises each time. Sometimes I do them all, and some times I just do planks, then side crunches. After a set, I lay still and breathe. While I'm being still, I remind myself of why I am doing it. Then I think about that man getting me hot and bothered just to tell me he wasn't ready to commit and I say, I am soooo gonna make you regret that, and I do at least two more sets.

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Sarah said...

You look beautiful and fierce. I like the plank too, and find myself shaking after just thirty seconds, so I use that a lot. Yoga is probably my favorite form of exercise, as I blend physical fitness with my element connection exercises, centering, and grounding. That guy that got you all hot and bothered doesn't even deserve you. Have fun showing him what he missed, then keep being healthy FOR YOU. :-) Bright Blessings and wishes for very few aches.