Friday, June 28, 2013

Better and Better and the Best is Yet to Come

I went into work mad. Last night when I came home I was depressed because I felt like that man who had been paying attention to me had suddenly made a fool of me. And I went to work determined to ignore him so hard he would doubt his own existence.

But...somewhere it just became silly. I started off ignoring the hell out of him. He waved ridiculously. He said hello. I sailed on by. Then when I came back, his buddy was there and he spoke to me, so of course I had to say 'hi' to David. I had a point to prove.

Then I started to feel a bit bad. He walked by, looking depressed. He glanced up and I think my hand waved of its own accord. He visibly brightened. I thought about it, then realized I couldn't ignore him too much or he wouldn't look at me when I return to work on the 8th. And I need him to look. I need him to look and sigh and look some more. Isn't it more fun to be untouchable when actually in reach? Yes, of course, of course, of course it is! So when I come back I'm going to be the epitome of sexy. I'm going to talk and laugh with my friends, pretend like I just happened to glance his way, and then I'm going to stand there all glorious, daring him to come talk to me. I have already picked out my outfit, the jeans he loves, the tight shirt, the bracelet, the boots! Every time I think of that future moment, I smile big.

Just try to come get me, Big Boy.

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