Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Early Week Updates

I am still working my abs. I don't really like doing the video, but I do exercise every day, at least twice a day, often three or four times a day. I've noticed I stand up straighter, I feel lighter, and I have more energy in general. I am less hungry. I measured my waist this morning. It was just under 31 inches. I don't want to get too hopeful, but I feel like I'm doing good. My plan is simple- repeat any exercise that hurts or is hard to do until it either doesn't hurt or becomes easy. I often have a dull ache in my stomach, not a bad pain, just a little sore like some deeply buried muscles were forced into action. I think this is a good thing.

For the full moon I sat on my front steps drinking and smoking. That was it. I thought about a lot of things but I decided to take no action because I always rush head long into situations instead of waiting to see what develops. Being that I am impatient, waiting is tough for me. But I'm trying.

As far as male attention goes, I decided he really needs to figure out what he wants. He hasn't said anything of that nature to me, so I am taking that to mean he isn't serious about me. Rather than throw myself at him and over-analyze every word he says, I am going to back off. If he wants my attention he knows how to find me.

Now deciding to back off is a little depressing because it puts me squarely at being patient and doing nothing. I don't like to do nothing, I like to shape events to suit me. Theoretically, by backing off I have cleared the path for a serious mate to find me, but I have to wait for him to show up. How ever long that may be. I don't like waiting, remember? I decided to take action (d'oh!) and cast a spell. I wanted to make a Celtic knot bracelet with two strands woven together, one to symbolize me and one to symbolize my future mate. Nothing has gone right. About an hour ago, I finally realized it's not working because I haven't been still long enough. I tossed it. I also realized the problem with Stitch Witch magick- the most successful spell would use a project the Witch was already familiar with. Something simple and easy because trying to weave a knot I've never attempted is difficult. When things are difficult, magick doesn't flow. Magick follows the path of least resistance. Always. If I'm going to cast that spell, I either need to use a knot I've made in the past and am very familiar with, or I need to make the new knot so many times I could do it in my sleep. Then I can cast spells with it.

Until then, I have to be still. And wait.

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