Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Damn You Foul Retrograde

I am more tired tonight than last night when I worked my butt off.

Things were good at work. Thought I would get another amazing production number. Then we did a lot change. Stopping and waiting. Then lunch- where Kurt was standing beside my truck. He got sick, his boss made him leave, he called but I didn't know because cell phones aren't allowed on my job, and there he was, freezing from chills and fever after a bus ride and a very long walk in the dark. I took him home, rushed back to discover the line was down and nothing went right from that point on. After work, I drove across town to buy medicine (and me beer because sometimes, ya know, alcohol is much needed medicine), then came home to sleeping man who probably doesn't need anything but more sleep.

And after I drink one more beer, I'm going to sleep.

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