Saturday, November 17, 2012

Not a Thought for Anyone Else

This picture looks strange because it was taken from my truck at night. That big lump is my black cap and safety glasses. The silver thing is my medical id bracelet hanging from the oh-shit-handle. And the whole reason I took this picture is because I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why this woman always turns her headlights on.

It was lunch time at work. (Night shift person, which is why it's dark.) I was facing the 'wong' direction. When I pulled into the parking lot, I couldn't park on the row I wanted because some first shift idiot got in the middle of the lane blocking my path. I pulled into the visitor parking lot, whipped around, and was blocked again by another idiot sitting in front of the space I wanted. Tired of waiting for first shift to get out of the way, I pulled into the second row- the only car facing away from the building.

The owner of the vehicle in the picture goes to her car every night for lunch. Fine, so do I. And she runs the car for heat. Okay, me too. But then she turns on the headlights. Why? Even if the lights come on automatically when the engine starts (which they don't, she always turns them on after 15 minutes) it's not necessary to have the lights on and I am quite certain she could manually turn them off. What pissed me off is she was parked directly in front of me with her headlights shinning in my face. Which is why my cap is on the dashboard; I was trying to block some of it.

She does this every single night and surely it bothers others because even if no one is facing her, it must reflect into mirrors. Yet, no one says anything. I thought about being a total bitch and turning my high beams on, but I did one better- I hexed her. That was more fun and it didn't create any workplace drama. Ha ha ha.

Inconsideration seems to be the theme here lately. About two hours ago, Thanksgiving was cancelled. The first plan was for Kurt and me to go to his mother's house. Then I got a turkey from work. I had Kurt call his mother because if she hadn't already purchased a turkey, we could use the one I got for free. First, she was going to come here tomorrow to pick up the turkey. I thought that was a waste of gas so I offered to cook the turkey. She wavered back and forth for a while on that. Then she told Kurt she wanted us to come there and oh, by the way, her BFF was coming over too.

Kurt hates the BFF because she's nosey and likes to gossip. She's more like a frienemy. Honestly, if future mother-in-law hadn't mentioned she was having Thanksgiving with us, I doubt the BFF would have invited herself. Or even asked what the plans were. The BFF just wants to be in on whatever doesn't involve her.

Now I have a turkey to cook, but only two people to eat it. This, Boys and Girls, is why I hate Thanksgiving.

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