Thursday, October 7, 2010

Her Name is SeaStar

Yes, I named my ball. Eventually all of a witch's tools has their own energy, almost as if they live. I realize the tools of my trade are not magic in and of themselves, they just hold the energy I have poured into them. Except for the crystal ball. She seemed alive from the moment I first saw her. SeaStar arrived via the postal service and I opened the box in the driveway. I remember it was a hot day and as I lifted the box lid all the heat seemed to be concentrated in the box. My crystal ball is the most expensive thing I have purchased for Witchcraft, but it is also the best investment. The ball brings results.

Color doesn't matter. Mine is green. I used to have a blue ball. It worked the same. The ball doesn't need to be perfectly clear. SeaStar is not, she has three very small bubbles. The bubbles actually serve as a focal point. Size is a bit of an issue for scrying as you need enough of a surface to gaze on, but size doesn't matter for manifesting which is what I focus on.

By now you should have figured out all spells are designed to focus the mind. When your attention is wholly involved you create. You create best when your mind is both engaged and relaxed. This is the whole willless will thing pagans are always talking about. Some describe it as not caring whether or not you receive your heart's desire. That's bullshit. Of course you care. If you didn't care, why bother? A better way to describe it would be work without pressure, that feeling of knowing you can achieve anything; failure is not an option because you forgot about it.

First you need a crystal ball, or failing that, a piece of real quartz. Theoretically you can use water but I've never tried it. Glass will not work. I haven't tried lead crystal so I can't say if it works as well as natural quartz. Polished or rough makes no difference.

You should establish a bond with your crystal. Carry it around, sleep with it (yes, I kept it under my pillow for a week and got results astral projecting btw), make it yours. Here is where quartz is better than a ball- you can choose from lots of rocks and easily get another if the first one does feel right. You rarely get to experiment with a ball for you buy and after, well, you're stuck it with.

The ball needs to be free of imprints. Imprints are the energy patterns you mind leaves on the ball. You need a new imprint for each manifesting secession. Wash the ball in warm water with mild soap. Rinse well. Dry with a soft cloth and leave in sunlight for one full day. That's it.

To imprint, hold the ball and focus clearly on what you want. That's all. No words, no candles, no nothing. Easy.

You can add things to help you focus. Sometimes I write my wish on paper and put the paper under the ball. Every time I pass by I think of my wish. This works well for big things. For healing I like to have a picture to help me focus on the person. I've used my ball to help plants grow by looking at the plant through the ball.

If you begin manifesting things on a regular basis you will find it becomes easier to get what you want. Eventually you won't have to put forth any effort. I got a really nice jacket that way. I saw a leather jacket I wanted but couldn't afford. It was really nice with a fur lining. I looked longingly for a while, but I never said anything because it was $200 and I wasn't going to ask for anything so expensive. A week later my mother gave me a nearly identical jacket. The one she bought is shorter and the pockets are slightly different, but otherwise it is the same. She got it on clearance. For $20. She had no idea I wanted a leather jacket. She just saw that one, thought I would like it, and hey, on sale, why not?

Today's card is bear. Bears have been popping up lately. This card says, nurture creativity and return to the sweetness of life. When we're done with the cards I'm going to do a big totem animal post. Tomorrow- 13 witchy things about me.

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