Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Oldest son is a lot of trouble. He's back to doing many of the things that landed him in jail, so long story short, we had to call the Sheriff's Department.

The deputy told us it was nearly impossible to enlist with a felony conviction.

Afterwards, I talked to my father-in-law. He said he had never heard of the base so he looked it up and it's not in Mobile.

I don't know how long he thought he get away with those lies. Maybe he was planning to run when he was scheduled to 'ship out'. Maybe he had some ridiculous scheme. Maybe he just didn't want to admit that the Navy wouldn't take him.

So anyway, while things are playing out to their inevitable conclusion, I doubt I will be getting much done.

Next time I will try to post something positive.


fluffy said...

Yet again blogger lost my lost my post. It seems it's when I click the "I'm not a robot" thing. Just to say you deserve something positive to post about and sorry about oldest son being such a pain xx

FreeDragon said...

Your comment was in my email this morning. I replied through my email notification and...it didn't appear here on the blog. Blogger is stupid. Try proving you're not a robot before writing the comment. Maybe that will help.