Thursday, August 24, 2017


By dig in my heels and refusing to solve every single problem my children can create, I managed a fairly productive afternoon. I found a home for my art and I finished a box to sell later. If I can do this every day life should be much easier.

This morning I immediately started my cleaning routine. Today is Thursday so that's laundry room, boys' bathroom, and any spot I missed through the week. The boys can clean the bathroom when they get home.

You might be wondering why I clean the laundry room. Most people don't worry about a room no one will ever see. Well, that's the problem, if you ignore something you don't notice problems. This morning I threw away fan parts. We don't have that fan anymore. It quit working years ago. We don't need the base or the cover for the adjustment knob. I threw out some clothes hangers because I have a toddler not a newborn or an 18 month old. Those hangers too small for anything she currently wears. And then this is in the laundry room:
We are not breathing clean air. Part of why the cover is so dirty is because the dogs were in the house. Most of the family is suffering with allergies now.

I seem to be working with air a lot lately. I'm not sure if that element is blocked or if I need another element for balance. I think blocked because this is in the laundry room too:
Second son left his smelly laundry in the way. Normally I would finish the load, change over washer and dryer, then put his clean clothes on his bed. But I think this is an act of rebellion. Dinner was an hour late last night because my husband cooked. I did not help. I did not take over. I did not make side dishes. I think Z is wanting to see if I am going to sacrifice art for the sake of being able to go in and out the back door.  See, this bugs me. When laundry baskets are here it's hard to open the door and even more difficult to squeeze past. I think today I will set the basket on the dryer and continue on my business.


fluffy said...

Good for you! I'm so glad you had a productive afternoon. I would definitely just move the washing out of the way not do it for second son he is old enough to be doing his own laundry. If you ate an hour later than normal it is not the end of the world, sometimes I think if you start helping them then they just end up letting you do it for them. I hope your extra bit of time continues. Xx

FreeDragon said...

I'm hoping if the adult sons have to do as much as possible themselves they will move out. I'm half afraid oldest will back out of enlisting. Z is all about whatever is easiest. Husband has been trying to get Z to enlist for 4 years- ever since he joined ROTC in high school. He hasn't done anything about his future yet. The only time he made any effort was when he thought hid gf was pregnant and dropped the ball when the pregnancy test was negative.