Monday, June 12, 2017

The Adjustments

I got a moment alone. Well, my daughter is here but she's not going to object to me casting spells.

Lots of things are bothering me. This morning I started doing something about them.

The first problem is how filthy the house has become. My cleaning schedule isn't working due to the sheer number of people here. We now have 7 people living in the house full time and my son's girlfriend who has a toddler is here every weekend which brings us to 9. And then there is a parade of people in and out. I cannot begin to describe the stickiness of the kitchen floor. Think of walking through a cinnamon bun. Apparently someone spilled a sugar concoction then tried to clean it up but they didn't do a very good job. Obviously it was a hide the evidence before Mom comes home, not a take responsibility for my mess.

I told oldest son what was expected of him this morning. Then I started cleaning. After dusting my clock, I set the pendulum to swinging. I think it is important to keep energy flowing. That is going to be my goal- to remove anything that impedes chi and to dissolve blocks.

Then I gave the younger boys more cleaning chores. All the work shouldn't fall on me.

I used my broom to sweep away problems. I feel better. Having a plan works wonders for me.

The school problem became a dead issue. While we debated, questioned, and second guessed ourselves, we were waiting for husband's younger sister to decide if she was willing to let our son stay with her. The night before we went to pick up the boys, I sent a text asking if she would meet us in Birmingham because it is a long drive to Huntsville and we were exhausted from driving to North Carolina earlier in the week. Instead of agreeing, or coming up with an alternative, she called her parents whining that we didn't want to get the boys. Then my father-in-law called us and my husband decided if she was going to be difficult about a summer visit then little sister couldn't be trusted with parenting decisions. So I can't do anything but enroll my son in a school where he's not doing well because he's barely being educated, but at least I can stop worrying about making the right choice. I'll take what I can get for now.

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Jeanne said...

With obstructions out of the way, energy will flow better and resolutions to situations should soon resolve themselves.