Friday, June 9, 2017

Answers in Dreams

Last night I dreamed I was in a cemetery. Many of the graves were covered with crystals. It is an old custom here in the South to lay stones on graves. This was usually done on the grave of the head of a family during funerals. Each head of household would bring a stone to place on their father or grandfather's grave as they left the cemetery. I don't think anyone does it anymore, but my cousin Isaac's grave still has a pile of small rocks around the marker. In my dream, it looked as though entire communities has brought crystals. They completely covered the graves in a pile several inches high. All the crystals were large and of very high quality. I picked up several and guiltily thought of taking some home. Then I had the thought that I had been in the cemetery before and left crystals there. I remembered reading about leaving potted plants on graves and placing dirt from the grave into the pot. This is how people collected graveyard dirt without drawing suspicion. In my dream I decided I could trade out crystals I already had for ones I wanted. I decided that was fair without getting into grave robbing.

The dream was short, but very vivid. I haven't done any kind of cemetery magick since I lived in Tallapoosa County. I think this might be the direction I need to take in my practice. When we went to pick up our oldest son I remarked on how many cemeteries we passed in north Georgia. My husband told me that the area had been settled since colonial times. I remembered Georgia was one of the 13 original colonies. We talked for a while about history and visiting old cemeteries. This may be something we could do together.

I also like the idea of using more crystals. I sort of dropped it when the chakra bed spell didn't pan out. If you don't remember, I placed colored crystals under our mattress to align and strengthen our chakras while we slept. The crystals never stayed in place and I stopped sleeping from the extra energy surging through my body. After that I didn't do many spells involving crystals. I do have 100's. Leaving some in cemeteries might solve a storage problem.

I don't think this is the single answer. I think probably the Universe has more to tell me. I just need to pay attention and read the signs.

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Jeanne said...

I have pondered this post some. Dreams have always been a good source of information for me. Perhaps the cemetery is symbolizing a death and rebirth (symbolically speaking, of course) and perhaps the crystals are to give the knowledge needed to aide this rebirth.... Just some random musings.....

Perhaps you shall have more dreams to help guide you in this time.