Monday, June 19, 2017

A Sort of Crossroads

I am still not sure what my daily practice should be. I still seem to be stuck because what I thought was going to work didn't.

I've gone through lots of changes in the nearly 20 years I've been a practicing Witch. I stopped doing long rituals. I stopped doing any kind of ritual or spell on holidays. There's been times when I felt drawn to other magick or Goddesses. I have tried new things. I have thought about old things in new ways.

What I used to do when I was trying to find my way was to rewrite my book of shadows. Sometimes I take out basic information and just have a few spells I really liked. Other times I would take a published spell book and add my own notes, clippings, and art. I've had hand written and electronic versions. What I have now is Pinterest. I do love Pinterest but I wish it could be organized better. I would like to have sub-boards- for example opening my Wyrrd Sisters board and getting a drop menu for fictional Witches, sexy Witches, art depicting Witches, and so on. I'd also like if my recipes board could be sorted into meat, veggie, and desserts without having to create new boards.

But anyway, having a large amount of information that I would like to sort through, organize, and review my feelings about, how many of you would like to see an online book of shadows? Not sure yet if I would make a separate page or if this would be a series of posts. I could even set up a new site, if I got a large response. So, what say you? Would you like to see what kind of a Witchcraft practice I have?

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fluffy said...

I would love you to do a book of shadows on your blog, ideally as a separate page so it was quickly accessible rather than having to look through posts . I also would really like it if you "spoke a little about your practice" I hope you get a good response as I will be disappointed if you decide not to do this :) x