Friday, June 23, 2017

Splitting the Difference

I didn't get much response to my question about whether or not you want to see an online book of shadows, through I do realize that while I have about 30 followers, at least 100 more people drop in sporadically to see if I posted anything new. I assume those drop by readers like what I do, else they wouldn't ever check my blog. So right now I am going to start posting pictures from one of my Pinterest boards.

I have to start making some social media decisions. This point was sharply bought home early this morning as I took my adult sons to work. We rounded a tight corner and Z suddenly asked if we had passed the house yet. What house? The little one. That confused me because we were in a dinky neighborhood and all the houses are too small because they're designed to be built cheapy, then sold at inflated rates to people who will pay mortgages for the rest of their lives. Z was referring to a playhouse. It's designed to look crooked. Z thinks it's cool. He said I should take it to artist guild. Then my oldest asked, what's artist guild?

"Where I went last night." "Oh." More confused silence. "What I'm making the dragon for." "Aaaaahhhhh."

So if my family doesn't know what I do, the chances are great that no one else does either. And this is my fault. After careful review, I realized there is no mention of me being a member of either the guild nor SAQA. While I do mention on a few sites that I'm an artist, I rarely say what I make. This will not do if I want to promote my work.

This blog is going to stay Witchy. I am going to post more, starting with pictures of Witches. I will set up another page for the book of shadows. I need to clear out my boards. The other day I tried searching my pins. I thought I could search for colors or numerology and everything related to those subjects would come up. That's not what happened. Of the 10 numerology pins I know I have, 6 came up. 4 had nothing to do with numerology at all. When I searched color I got art, not the info graphics about color and psychology that I wanted. I will probably consolidate information I already have, unless I find a pin that says something more succinctly than I ever could.

But we're going to start with pictures because on Wyrrd Sisters alone I have around 876. I won't post them all. Some no longer interest me. But pinning them begs the question, why am I saving them? Do I really need so many pictures of Witches? Shouldn't I show others what I like? I used to look at my pins as a way to relax,  sort of like looking through coffee table books or photograph albums but I can't look at everything on any one board anymore because there's too much. Pinterest is just electronic hoarding.

Back to the pictures. I'll schedule something every day until I either run out or I get an idea.

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Jeanne said...

I have found that it is good to re-evaluate things - life, interests, hobbies - every so often. Things change and it is good if we can be flexible enough to change with life. Artists, writers, anyone who creates needs to promote themselves. Because no one else will do it for us. And who knows us better than ourselves? I would really enjoy hearing about the guilds you belong to and the art you create. And your witchy practices.
Do not be discouraged about the number of followers or the people who (don't) comment. It used to bother me until I realized that not that many people like to comment because often they feel that their comments are trivial. As long as one person is reading my posts, I will continue on. And because of my blog, I have gotten a couple of gigs tutoring people people in the 'fine' art of blogging.
So blog on!!! :o) ♥