Friday, May 5, 2017

Steampunk Reading

It's Friday, the only day I have to myself. I decided it was the perfect time for another reading.
I'm using the steampunk decks. I couldn't decide which would be best so I'm doing a Tarot hack. Read with one deck, then pull the same cards out of a different deck for clarity. Even if the cards have different names, they should be close enough that you can find their equivalents. Obviously this won't work if the second deck has a different number of cards or isn't divided into major /minor arcana.
Not paying the least bit of attention, I failed to realize my cards were upside-down.
Because these cards are one directional I don't read them reversed. Right now in my life I feel like I'm coming at things from the wrong angle. It's very telling I didn't notice that the cards were upside-down.
7 of swords. This girl is leaving.
5 of pentacles. This girl has bare arms while walking in snow.
The Emperor.

I feel like I can't give, I have to take. I'm not sure I'm prepared. I think the last card is my husband.
In the second deck the 7 also has people leaving.
The 5 has chaos.
The Emperor looks more friendly.

I won't comment on the details of my life at the moment. I'll just say sometimes it seems like everything is needlessly working against me and I have no idea what's going on.

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fluffy said...

Hi, I thought I would take out the cards in one of my favourite decks and compare, I hope you don't mind. I n the deck I looked at, the seven was represented by somebody who was not walking away, but backing away from an attack, with their head down an outstretched bow in hand, but no arrow. A similar idea in the pentacle card, a person who looks malnourished wih his hands clasped together surrounded by money, in fact he is stood on one coin, but appears to be unable to grasp it despite looking desperately poor.

The emperor on the other hand is lavishly dressed and appears either ambivalent or unaware of his subjects on their knees seemingly begging for his attention.

I hesitate to offer any meaning or advice because I don't know what the situation is. I also noticed that in your first deck the emperor also has his hands clos3d. Perhaps having the necessary power, but unable to put it into action? Love fluffy