Monday, May 8, 2017

New Magick

My stepsons brought home a fidget spinner. I took it away, not because I have anything against them, but because we never got an honest answer as to how they obtained it. The answers ranged from a friend gave him money, a friend gave him one, he wanted his brother to have it, and bought it in the school store. I definitely don't believe that last one because the school just banned fidget spinners.

After this was confiscated, I found several articles about why they're bad. They were designed to calm ADHD kids, but instead fidgets over stimulate. One article stated 'instant gratification' which I'm not seeing that because the damn thing doesn't really DO anything beside spin. It doesn't light up, change color, or make much noise. But one of my sons was behaving obsessively about it. He couldn't put it down. I placed the fidget on the mantle. The next day, the other boy had it and his brother watched with murderous intent.

Since it doesn't appear that I will be able to let the boys have a fidget spinner, I started wondering what to do with this one. I decided it could be useful in spell work. I use spindles to spin good magick, to manifest, and to help speed up progression.  I think the fidget could be used the same way. I'm going to cleanse it, then try empowering it. At that point I should be able to use it for the same work I use with my spindles. I'm not sure how the speed of spinning will affect things, or if I need to take the 3 armed shape into consideration. I think I will meditate and see what comes to mind.

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