Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Stitch Witchery- How I Empower Charms

I wanted to give an update on my latest ongoing project, leaving charms for others. The premise is simple: give people what they need. To do this I am leaving spells where they will be found and hopefully used by people who really need them. Imagine finding a good luck charm. It doesn't really matter what it is, a key, a coin, a pebble, or a ring. What matters is when you have it you feel that things go your way. This makes you happier and more confident. Or maybe you need love and you find some little heart shaped thing and next day you find yourself talking to a very attractive person. Maybe the little heart helped because it made you more open to possibilities.

So far I've made 3 charms. I've only left one for others to find. The last two charms are currently in my magick box.
This is actually an antique wooden cigar box. My mother bought it for her father. He used it as a first aid kit. He kept it in his truck. The size was a perfect fit between the gear shifter and the seat. I got the box when Papa got a new truck. I used to store hair stuff, brushes, bands, and barrettes. When we moved into this house I didn't need the box anymore. I kept thinking it was good for something, I just couldn't figure out what. Then I was doing a week long spell that had to remain undisturbed so now it's a magick box.

If you've never used one, magick boxes simply hold power. They can be used to grant wishes or to manifest. They work well for time spells. Or they can be used to build power in objects which is how I use my box.

I always start by sprinkling salt in the box to clear negative energy and to provide a clean base for my spell. Then I place my object to be empowered in the box. If I am worried about salt reactions I will either pour the salt out or smudge with incense before placing the object inside.
After putting in the cubes I made, I stated my intent- luck. I decided to use both cubes even though I didn't make the first one with magick. I think the box will bring enough magick into the equation. I started adding things I thought were lucky. Or in this case I opened the spice cabinet and said, which spice is lucky?  I chose Bay leaves to remove negative energy, cayenne to make the spell go, cumin for unexpected sweetness, oregano because it felt right, and cinnamon because it is good for love, health, and money.

The cubes will stay in the box for 3 days. Then I'll dust off the spices and find a nice public place to leave them. May whoever picks them up have all the luck they need.

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