Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Kitchen Witch 2

This week's post is simply tips for adding/doing magick while you cook. Next week I'll have another recipe.

There are a ton of Kitchen Witchery tips. Some of them really don't make sense and it's obvious whoever wrote them never practiced this form of magick because if they did any cooking they would know why it doesn't work. The one I find most annoying is burning a candle on the stove. Do you know what happens to said candle when the oven is on? The wax melts. Do you know what happens when a stove eye is on while a candle sits on the stove? Melting candle wax on one side of the candle. Plus there's that whole live flame in an awkward spot. Do you know what happens to a burning candle when the vent is on? It either goes out or the flame flutters wildly.

Now if you are after the aromatherapy effects and you have a glass candle or wax melts in a mason jar then that's fine to leave sitting on the stove. As long as you don't intend to ever burn the candle. As the wax becomes liquid the wick will sink to the bottom and you'll never be able to light it.

This is what sits on my stove. I bought it in Childersburg, AL. That's where Desoto Caverns is located. This is not a naturally occurring stone from the cavern. Nothing is taken out because there are more tourists than rocks. The cavern is a living system and too many people handling stalagmites can damage them. Thus, the souvenir stones sold in the gift shop carry made in China labels. This particular crystal point wasn't labeled at all so I don't know where it's from or what kind it is exactly. I doubt it is real amethyst. More likely this is an agate because they accept dyes very well. Which means beware of boiling stones in water because it's very hard to tell if the stones are natural. Some of the dyes are toxic. There's a good bit of spells telling you to boil a crystal in water to make a potion. If you notice the water changing color DO NOT DRINK. I do not advise placing crystals in food for this reason and if you forget to remove the crystal before serving someone could chip a tooth. You can use crystals like a wand to trace sigils onto dishes. You can arrange them on your table for magickal effects. This one is in my kitchen to promote good chi.

One tip I wish Witches mentioned is keeping the kitchen clean. There's a very good reason why health inspectors grade restaurants on cleanliness. You can't prepare good food in a dirty kitchen. Now do you think you can cast spells in filth?

I have a gas stove. I prefer gas because food cooks faster and more evenly. If the power goes out I can still feed my family. The stove can be used as another heat source should we have very cold weather. Because the pilot light always burns I consider the stove to be an eternal flame.

I cook with cast iron. It takes some getting used to. Cast iron is very heavy but that is what makes it so durable. Cast iron can handle extremely high heat but it looses heat quickly so I can take a pan of biscuits out of the oven and by the time I've set the table and called the boys I don't need to worry about anyone burning their fingers. Fairies do not like iron. This is something to consider if you intend to work with the fey. I do not, but if I did I'd do that kind of magick away from my house.

I stir clockwise. There isn't really a reason other than I feel that it is a natural direction.

I don't really adhere to the religious part of Witchcraft. In general I follow Hecate. She requires Her followers to handle business each month. That means the bills are paid and the pantry is restocked and menus are planned. I think this just makes sense. I clean out cabinets to make sure the food is fresh and we have everything we need. This is also the time to replace or buy cookware and kitchen tools.

I haven't done very much broom magick but it is something I would like to explore. I've always thought of the broom as a tool, but when I read about feeding the broom I realized the broom was more in the category of familiar. I find this intiguing. You can also ask the broom to do spells for you. I have decided when I replace my brooms I'll give it a try. I did have a decorative broom I used to clean sacred space but once straw started falling out I threw it away and never got a replacement. I will definitely have a post and more information if I get into broom magick.

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Kenneth Roberts said...

I'm really liking your kitchen witch series. "Because the pilot light always burns I consider the stove to be an eternal flame." Love that!