Monday, August 29, 2016

Plant Magick

I could devote years to this subject and still not learn half of it. My father was a wonderful gardener. One of my uncles said Dad could make a plant grow out of a brick wall. I try to garden. I do very well with container gardens and not well with much else. I used to wonder why I didn't have Dad's green thumb. I keep trying. One day when staring wistfully at seed catalogs I finally realized my father probably wasn't born with a green thumb. He had to learn and it just seems like he was great at gardening because I only saw the end result of years of practice. Therefore, I encourage you to try and try again. Keep notes so that when something works you can do it again. For those of you who need very basic starting points, I offer the absolute beginners' guide to plant magick:
This is a plant I received from my husband's co-workers when our daughter was born. I don't even know what kind it is. But it has survived a whole year. It's much bigger than when I got it. It is perfect for the spell I'm about to give you.

You can use any house plant. This can be a cactus, an aloe, ivy, or some flowering thing. The only other thing you need is a crystal of your choice.

Sit down with the crystal and the plant. Visualize the plant flourishing. Now think about money. Tell yourself that you always have enough money for whatever you need. Think about your financial situation improving. Say that as the plant grows, so will your money. Put the crystal in the flower pot. Each time you water the plant remember that your money is increasing. If you want a little extra oomph, place a dollar bill in the pot as well. Yes, it will eventually rot away, that's called fertilizer. Plants like fertilizer.

If the plant dies, throw it out, cleanse the area, then get a new plant and start over. You might decide to try a different location. Keep trying until you feel more secure about money. Then try other themes on the spell like plants for health, happiness,  love, or protection. You can write your desire on a piece of paper or paint symbols on the flower pot. If you're feeling optimistic, research the meaning of plants and flowers to match what you want.

Now you've become a magickal gardener.


Weekend-Windup said...

It was nice to hear many things about plants. all the best for your effort in growing plants:)

fluffy said...

I'm sorry not to have commented earlier, I believe the plant in your picture is a peacelily. They are beautiful plants and will eventually flower if you're lucky x