Monday, September 5, 2016

More Plant Magick- Herbs & Spices

Last week I told you how to start the path of magickal gardening. This week we'll go from the other direction, using what your local store offers.

This is how I got started with Kitchen Witchery, I bought spices. I simply went to the store, pulled down bottles that sounded/looked interesting, and then took them home. I was still living with my parents so I kept my spices in a trunk at the foot of my bed. I looked up corospondences and made notes. I tried grouping them the type of spell the spices could be used in, but quickly discovered most were multi-use. So I put them in alphabetical order. And that is still how I arrange my spice cabinet to this day.

After you have an idea of what is available at the store, go a step further. Figure out how many of those things you can grow. If that seems like a huge, overwhelming step, figure out what you can process. For instance, you would be hard pressed to grow cinnamon but you can buy cinnamon sticks that you can ground into powder. And you can buy a rosemary plant then dry the leaves. Most nurseries sell mints, basil, and lavender. You can't control when those seeds were started but you can chose what day you buy them and when you harvest.

Buying herb plants is a great way to learn how the plant behaves. You gain first hand knowledge of totem energy. Yes, totem is more than animals. In the modern world we are too far removed from nature. Growing plants let's us get back to a sacred place. It brings more nature to us. You may discover butterflies or birds like certain herbs or you may become versed in weather lore because you see the leaves curl inward before a storm. This is to help collect rain water. Did you even know some plants do that?

Harvesting herbs is always wonderful because they smell awesome so you will too. It is very satisfying to see the jars filling up. There is a swell of pride to open the cabinet when it is full of lovely things that you grew yourself. And when you do the spell,  how much more powerful is the homegrown lavender harvested on a bright Friday morning that was dried in your own oven? This is what the Witch should ALWAYS do- make the very best magick she can.

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