Thursday, April 7, 2016

Stitch Witchery These Leaves Ain't Working

I got started. The first lobe of my oak seemed to be perfect.

About this point I realized the pattern showed the canvas turned diagnally. Going well, I don't care to start over. I wonder if this is really an issue.

This side is perfect. Then I realize why diagnal matters. The top won't work. But it look so nice. Maybe I can do something else and make it work.

And nope, does not look right at all. I also notice my stitches are not equal lengths on both sides. Realize I have to either buy more plastic canvas or I have to use Aida cloth so I have room to work diagnal stitches. When you see something well made you don't think about how many times it took the crafter to get it right.


fluffy said...

It is not as easy as it first seems, such a lot of thought has to go into it I admire your patience. I wonder if you could let me know what "aida" cloth is. Fluffy x

FreeDragon said...

Aida cloth is just the kind of material used for cross stitch. Like plastic canvas it comes in different sizes (more holes per inch). Aida cloth is sold wherever craft supplies are sold.