Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Stitch Witchery Beginning of Oak Leaves

I got no sewing done yesterday because I had a series of errands. This morning I was determined to sew something damn it. I found my needlework oak leaves, picked the one I like, got my blank hex sign, started thinking about placement...and hit the first snag. My pattern needs a grid. The circle doesn't have an even grid. It has rings decreasing in size, with sections varying in size, that aren't square. That's why I get places like this where stitches don't line up:
I have several choices here. I could struggle to make the pattern fit, I could paint leaves on, or I can make leaves on another medium and attach it to the hex sign. I decided that made the most sense so I found my scrap pieces of plastic canvas. I have far less than I thought.
I chose the smaller canvas. This will allow me to make more detailed oak leaves. I've never made this pattern so I get to practice without the worry of ruining my hex sign. I went through my embroidery floss and picked out 2 shades of green that made me think of oak trees. I used my crystal ball to start my magick. I thought about my leaf pattern, visualized it finished, then visualized it on my hex sign. Next I imagined the leaf sprouting into a tree. I saw a mighty oak growing from my hex sign and towering over my house. I visualized the leaves turning into money that fell from the tree to my hands. Instead of acorns, pictured my tree having gold coins. Some of this money I imagined I spent, and some I pictured being saved. I held onto those mental images as long as I could. As I do more sewing I'll repeat these visualizations to strengthen the spell. When doing manifestations the general rules are it starts after a visualization of 17 seconds and is a sure thing after 65 seconds. I don't know who worked out the timing on that, but I do know that the longer you see something in your mind the more likely you are to get what you want. This is why it is so important not to dwell on the past or to worry about bad things.

I'm about to start sewing. I will write a new post when I have something completed. That may mean another post today or a post tomorrow. It depends on how much sewing I do and how much time I have.  Usually stitches flow very well when I visualize the end result in the crystal ball first, which is why I want to make sure the ball is part of my daily practice. But, today looks like more errands so I might not get much done.

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