Friday, April 10, 2015

One Spun Cord

I finished the cord for hanging the mirror. I've started on one of the cords for my necklace. I'm using the same colors but laid them out differently on the loom so the pattern will not be the same.

I've been doing other magicks. I cleaned my kitchen and placed a crystal in the corner to help promote calm energy in the house. I've been doing lots of food spells because that is the easiest magick for me to do at this time and it has a near immediate effect.

And I'm still working with my pendulum. I changed the learning curve a bit, instead of searching for one card, I search for one suit. This gives me a higher 'success' rate while allowing me to see what conditions affect the results. I've noticed that I can get false positives based on the art work of the card deck. In my Anne Stokes deck, dragons are often on the suit of hearts. But dragons show up in most of the artwork regardless of suit. So I can get a false positive on a club card if the card has a dragon on it. This morning on Amazon, I found a dowsing book that recommended walking towards water to see what reaction the rods would give. I haven't tried walking towards any particular object, so I am eager to see what works. I could try a bowl of water, shells, stones, or even a favorite item such as a figurine or article of clothing. Pendulums dowsing can be applied to almost anything so there is a lot to learn.

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Jeanne said...

Love the suggestion of walking towards water...will have to try it. :o)