Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spinning Cords

I'm working on cords right now. It is very soothing. This cord will be used to hang a mirror. It's easy to add magick to this kind of work because it is very repetitive. I need 7 threads to make one cord and I keep rotating the circular loom clockwise. When I finish this cord, I need to spin 4 more cords to make a necklace. My husband found the tip of a deer antler and he carefully drilled a small hole so I could use it as a bead. The knot I selected requires two cords to be tied, but four cords give more dramatic effect. My husband's two favorite colors are red and blue. I'm using purple and green for me. I'll stitch the deer antler bead in the center of the knot. I'll use the cords and knot as a spell to strengthen our marriage because my in-laws are still behaving badly and it is putting a strain on us. My youngest stepson recently had a birthday. We stuck to our plan of doing a small celebration and not inviting anyone else. My mother-in-law and father-in-law invited themselves to the party. They asked what he wanted, then got what they wanted him to have. Both sisters-in-law called, and both mentioned me having a baby shower even though I have said repeatedly that it is way too early for a baby shower, and there is no reason for them to plan one because they are not here in town and do not know my friends. Apparently middle sister decided my decision to use purple in the nursery was dumb, so she has been buying things in pink and yellow, both colors I hate. I foresee lots of brand new baby items going to Goodwill.

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