Monday, November 3, 2014

Blessing the Shed

This is the play house that never was. My husband built it for his older children. They had no interest in it. The structure stood alone at the edge of woods until I decided it would be the perfect gardening shed. We had a party this weekend and since both my father-in-law and brother-in-law were here we moved the shed to its new location Sunday. I had already cleared the junk out and cut back the bushes hiding it. I should have worked a protection spell because the shed nearly flipped over three times during the move. Only my brother-in-law's careful driving and my husband's quick thinking averted disaster.

A good bit of negative energy seems to be floating around today. I've already punished one child for two different offenses and broke up a dog fight. I'm going to spread salt in and around my shed. On a practical note, salt kills fleas. Let the salt sit for 24 hours before vacuuming up. This only kills fleas, not the eggs.

The shed is now level. It needs a few minor repairs. We will cover the shed with clapboard. I may bless the building materials. The magickal benefit would be ensuring that the building is strong and can withstand storms. The practical benefit would be examining each board and removing the ones that are wrapped or flawed.

It is important to use a building as it was intended or the house could become angry. You may have felt this in older buildings that have been converted into something else. There is a feeling of unease in every room. It is important to talk to the building and tell it your plans.

I will buy a new broom for my shed. Never take an old broom to a new house. You will carry negative energy and old troubles with you. The same goes for mops and cleaning rags.

The first item brought it a structure should be chosen with care. For a new house, bring in food and drink so that you will always have food. Some people bring in ritual tools first so that the home is always protected. My first item will be seeds so that my garden and family will flourish.

Eventually, the shed will be decorated with container plants beside the steps. I'm thinking of planting mint because mint needs a container anyway to keep it from spreading. It will grow in partial shade. Mint is used in money spells. It is also used for medicine and cooking. Another good choice might be lavender which is very healing. A plus to lavender is deer do not eat it, they don't like the smell. Lavender is used is healing, love, and protection spells. It does require more sunlight. If I plant lavender it will have to be at the walkway leading to the shed rather than beside the door.

The shed will be ongoing project. I can organize and store my garden tools in one day, but the decoration part will be done bit by bit over evenings and weekends when my husband is off work. I can't plant anything now because it is almost winter.

I will be working some spells immediately because I like doing things outside. The shed gives me a private place to work without the worry of prying eyes.

Ground cover is on my mind. I intend to sprinkle baking soda around the shed to neutralize the soil so weeds can't grow. I may place mulch under and around the shed to keep things neat. I could bury a Witch's bottle or sprinkle protective herbs on the mulch. Or I could work my spells in stone when I build the walkway.

Stay tuned for updates. We have a lot of yard work to do.


Sarah said...

What a darling shed. It's wonderful you will have a private place to Work. I know when the weather warms up you will have a lovely garden.

Jeanne said...

I appreciate you sharing how you incorporate magick into your everyday life. Something I need to do more of. And you are inspiring me to do more of just that!