Saturday, November 1, 2014

So You Want to Be a Kitchen Witch...

I really like this picture. I love the red kitchen and purple accents. I love that the dog is in costume. I love the traditional Witch tools in the modern kitchen. Most of all, I love that the Witch is comfortable being herself. I think this is the sole necessity to ensure magick works. Without confidence all the power in the world will not save you.
A lot of people mistakenly assume that a Kitchen Witch isn't a 'real' Witch or that she doesn't have much power. The truth is a Kitchen Witch is most likely to be concerned with every day life rather than high magick. Most of my spells are to benefit my family. On a regular basis I perform spells to make us prosperous, healthy, happy, and lucky. It's a lot easier to deal with problems when you aren't already overburdened.

Kitchen Witches are all about the simplest process to achieve a goal. Rather than searching for power, Kitchen Witchery is about making the ordinary magick.

Think about that for a moment then tell me who is more powerful- the magician who spends an hour summoning a demon or the Kitchen Witch who can heal you with one herb from her garden?

Kitchen Witchery can be done anytime, anywhere. It does not require many tools, although these can be fun to have. It is very adaptable. You can do a little or a lot.

1. One thing I insist on is being clean. Don't get me wrong, I get dirty in the garden. If need be, I can and will perform curses. When I say clean, I mean clutter-free. I keep the dishes washed and the counters clear. This is to promote good health as much as leaving a clear path for spells to work.

2. Organization is the best skill to master. It is a waste to buy something that was already in the pantry. I know where everything is. I pretty much know what food is available in my kitchen. I plan menus and do as much preparation as possible so that dinner is easy to put together. Not only does this make my life easier, but if I am sick other family members can take over cooking without worrying me.

3. Spells should smell good. I mean they just should. I don't waste my time with anything that stinks.

4. Just for pretty is awesome. I love all the props that go along with a magickal practice. I like labels on jars and neat little boxes. I like candles on my dinning table. I like pretty plates. I decorate for holidays. I insist everyone in my house be polite and well-mannered. Life is too short to be boring and uninteresting.

5. Intent is key. Most of my magick is just the food I serve. I charm the kool aid. I use lemonade flavor to cleanse negativity. I use cherry flavor for happy life. When I wash the pitcher I affirm that I am washing away problems. When I add the sugar I ask that my children be sweet and well-behaved. Did anyone ever tell you the magickal properties of a drink mix? Only a Kitchen Witch would figure it out.

6. Everything can be a spell. As I make the bed I focus on rest and peaceful dreams. When I sweep I push negative energy out of the house. I use door stops as protection spells; nothing that means us harm may enter.

7. Read, read, and read some more. I read cookbooks, but I also read fantasy novels. I don't care if the magick is 'real' or not. Sometimes I read about fictional Witches and I get ideas for spells. In the book Practical Magic the woodwork never needs dusting. If I could figure out how to work that spell I'd be so happy!

8. Plan your life. I have a cleaning schedule. It is impossible to clean the entire house from top to bottom every day. Plus it makes you resentful of chores. I clean one room in the house very well each day. The next day I clean another room. This means the house is always neat. If I don't get to something it will only be dirty for a week. Monday I clean the bathroom. Tuesday I clean the front room and the hallway. Wednesday is kitchen day. There is no 'when will I have time to scrub the tub?' It gets scrubbed every Monday night after I shower.

9. Enjoy your practice. If magick has gotten to be a chore then you aren't doing it right.

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Jeanne said...

Great post! I really like your definition of a Kitchen Witch. I think you have hit the nail on the head! And your last statement is Oh, So True!