Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Month of Witches & Magick- What I Learned About Transmutation Circles Day 29

Finally! I'm back on track AND I have a transmutation circle to show you. On a mirror no less. Yay!

First, I'll tie in to yesterday's post about scrying mirrors by showing you mine:
When I first heard about making a scrying mirror the article suggested using an old clock face as the author was fairly insistent about the mirror being convex. I think this was just to make the scrying mirror more like a crystal ball. When you scry, you look at and deep into the surface. It is a little harder to do on a flat surface. Wavy glass works very well. I didn't have an old clock face. This is the glass out of an old electrical box. It's rather bumpy. I spray painted the back of the glass. I bought the box at the craft store and lined it with some fabric I hand dyed. I know when I made my scrying mirror I anointed the back with oil, but now I couldn't tell you what kind I used. It had a slightly spicy scent and it may have been ginger oil. I have seen picture frames used as scrying mirrors. The benefit is your paint job is protected by the frame. It is hard to paint glass. Paint flakes off glass. Unless you want it off, then it doesn't budge.
I wrote down the images I saw or what came to mind as I looked into the mirror. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, just trying to get back into the habit of using this divination tool. Later I will read over my list looking for patterns. Sometimes I use either the mirror or my crystal ball when doing Tarot readings. I will lay the cards out then focus my thoughts on the card as I gaze into the ball. This can be very helpful when I don't understand a card or can't see how it relates to the other cards in the reading.

Now, on to the other mirror!
I am so pleased with this for a couple of reasons. 1.) I finally made a transmutation circle. What you see here isn't the completed circle. I decided I wanted something both permanent and multi use. Which leads me to the second reason- 2.) I finally figured out how to draw that damn 16 point star. Never mind dividing a circle into 16 points. Get a square.
I used a refrigerator magnet. It fit just right on my mirror. I tried drawing it on paper first and it was tricky spacing my points. When I traced the square on the mirror I turned the mirror itself before repositioning. That way I could always find the center where the point should go. After I traced my square four times on the mirror, I painted the lines with nail polish. That's the permanent part. Now I always have a transmutation circle ready to go. I can add, and wash off, symbols, sigils, and runes. If I decide I want to work with something other than a 16 point star, I'll get another mirror.
So what will I use the mirror for? The first thing that comes to mind is a crystal grid. To me 16 is a good number because it is that wonderful when you can finally drive. 16 is full of promise and potential. I'm thinking of my mirror as bustling with energy. I think it would work well in spells where things needed to grow or needed a fresh start. I think it would be good for spells involving abundance and good health. But that's just some of the possible uses for one mirror. I'm seeing a whole collection of them.


Jeanne said...

Marvelous idea about the nail polish! And Very clever to use the square in making a star! This has been a great series!

FreeDragon said...

Thank you :)