Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 28- Nope, Still Nothing

I got a lot accomplished yesterday. None of it had anything to do with blogging. But I did think of some good ideas for my daily practice. This morning, I saw HecateDemter had a post about changing your daily practice. I thought it was very fitting, both for me personally and for the time of the year.

This year my practice has changed a lot because I am now the sole Pagan living in an Xian household. For the most part, my family is fairly respectful about my beliefs. I don't do magick around them because I know that will lead to many questions. I don't think magick works very well when you pick it apart looking for the clues about what makes it go. I think magick is around us all the time. Often magick is just having the right perspective. Sometimes it's just being able to find joy. Sometimes it's enjoying the mystery rather than trying to solve it. Aerodynamically, bumble bees are unable to fly. Their wings should be too small to lift their heavy bodies. The bumble bee doesn't know it shouldn't be able to fly. It just flies anyway.

Most of my practice now consists of planning. It really annoys me that I can't just do. But planning helps me not only have enough time, but it makes me really think about what is necessary for a spell. Things have become much more streamlined.

Magick has spilled over into other areas of my life. I now use magick every time I sew, cook, or garden. I've started using magick when I clean. When I wash dishes or mop or dust, I chant to remove baneful influences. When I pull weeds I say I am removing obstacles. When the house is clean I envision glowing white energy filling the room to promote harmony, happiness, and good fortune.

Some things I would like to change about my practice is journaling more. Specifically, I would like to start a sewing journal where I can write down what an item was made for, how I made it, what spells I used, and any problems I may have. I'm wavering about tracking how long it takes to make things. I do like knowing how much time is invested in a project, but I also know projects take me longer than normal because much of my time revolves around providing for my family. And I'll let you in on a secret- I HATE doing homework with my kids. I have two school-aged boys and it is a rare event to get one started on an assignment while I help the other. Every time I try this, I have to go over the assignment again and tell him to correct. every. single. answer. Every one. Even if he did it in class and should know how to do it. If the boys are anxious or worried or acting out homework can take hours. There are times when I want to call the teachers to ask what in the hell I ever did to them.

I would also like to get back into casting circles. I think spending some time in a cast circle each day would help me. Ground, center, and be. Not worry about anything, not think, just be.

And even though I haven't been able to do much with the mirrors lately, I definitely want to use them more. I like the idea of going beyond turning back negative energy. Years ago, when I was still Wiccan and trying to find my path, I made a scrying mirror. This isn't a mirror per se. It's a piece of glass painted black giving a reflective surface. The object of scrying is simple- stare into the mirror and left your mind drift. Eventually you will see images, either in the mirror itself or in a daydream sequence. I had better results scrying with my crystal ball. I will admit I didn't practice with the scrying mirror very much. Now that I'm an older Witch who could care less about whether something is 'real' or 'imagined' scrying might work better for me.

I'm also wanting to use a mirror on my altar. I have three altars. The one in the kitchen is where I do darker work and I have a small mirror to send back negative energy. I use my hutch as a family altar. This is where I do spells to promote good luck and healing. And my personal altar is an antique vanity table. I understand spells done on the vanity can be amplified by its mirror. But I want to see what happens when I lay a mirror flat on the table and work spell directly on the mirror. I think this makes more of a portal type of energy. I feel more like it would be a direct link to the astral plane. Remember, the astral plane is a mirror to reality. If you can create something in the astral, it is easier to manifest your desire on this plane.

I would like to mention one other thing involving mirrors. You can try it at home but be prepared to deal with what may come up. Mirrors can bend time. You need at least three mirrors to do this. They should be a few feet apart and they should indirectly reflect each other, meaning the second mirror should reflect the first and the third reflect the second. Watch the space between the mirrors. You may begin to see shadows, shapes, or even full bodied appropriations. Here's where you need to be prepared. The longer the mirrors are in place, the stronger the portal will be. That means you could see ghosts after the mirrors are moved. While this is an interesting experiment with definite results, I know of no way to predict when in time/space the portal will open. You could open another realm. And since it is an opening, something may come through. This isn't something I would do on a whim. If you want to try it, think of everything that could happen and figure out how to deal with it. Be careful.

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Jeanne said...

Managing a household - especially one with kids - is a huge job! Sometimes a person has to grab a few minutes to do things when they can.
Planning and prep are good - I think it helps a person to focus and channel their energy. Good info about mirrors!