Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Month of Witches & Magick- What I Learned About Transmutation Circles Day 2

Now, I don't want you think this was happening at a rapid speed. Things were going really, really slowly. I'd spend a day searching for information on transmutation circles and have nothing to show for it when I finally walked away from the computer late in the afternoon. It's going to look like progress was made as I write because I'm leaving out the hours and hours of emptiness. And I'm mentioning the going-nowhere part of this story because in my experience the greater the difficult in finding a magickal answer, the more profound the impact. It's like walking around with blinders on and when finally you can see you can't believe how much you missed.

I started a secret board on Pinterest for my information. I made it secret for several reasons: 1.) I didn't want my thoughts to get jumbled until I had a more clear picture. I love Pinterest. I pin things I like. This information is shared with my followers. They pin similar things which is shared with me. When you're looking for ideas and inspiration, sharing is great. When you are focused on one particular thing, sharing isn't as good because stuff that has nothing to do with the subject at hand gets thrown into the mix.

2.) I didn't want negative comments about my board. I realize it is very rare for anyone to make negative comments directly to a person on Pinterest, but I didn't want a egoistical asshole telling me I had things all wrong and then not telling me the 'correct' method. There's a saying in Paganism about when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I have never found this to be true. Instead, when I was ready to learn something new I'd get a lot of losers telling me it couldn't be done. This is why I am not in a coven.

3.) I pinned things that had nothing to do with transmutation circles like crop circles, string art, and hex signs. I am perfectly aware that these things have nothing to do with transmutation magick. I know they may fall into a separate practice. I wasn't trying to blend systems. My focus was transmutation circles. My question was what makes the circle work? I believed I could figure this out by studying circles and symbols in general.

I have a very hands on approach to magick. First I read as much as I can, then I do it. I try to understand before I get started, but I am a very visual learner. I need to see step by step how something works. If I do each step myself, I am much more inclined to remember the process. I printed out some circle designs and started casting spells. Tomorrow, I'll walk through what I did with one design. Today, I'm going to give you the images I first used. I'd like for you to think about what the circles could mean and how you would use them. Do not worry if you come up with something radically different from what I did. That just means you may be more creative than me.


Jeanne said...

I have to admit my ignorance on this subject. I have never heard of these until I read yesterday's blog post. I am most interested to see the upcoming posts.
I can remember, when I was a kid, getting those mandala posters and coloring them in. I just love round, ornate items!
I am also intrigued by something you wrote in your first post, " because I would lay down for what seemed like only a few seconds, but the entire night had passed. I did not remember any dreams." That is me! For many years I have had that very feeling. I will remember prophetic dreams but not any others. Would love to hear your thoughts on this subject!

FreeDragon said...

When I was a child I often had moments of deja vu. Later I would realize I saw the exact same thing in a dream. I tried to explain this to my mother but I think I was making her very uncomfortable because she told me I was being silly and such things were not possible. Eventually, it went away.
I usually remember my dreams. I don't like prophetic dreams because mine tend to be very bizarre. They feel eerie while I am having the dream and I tend to wake up feeling sick. My prophetic dreams are also VERY realistic- I can feel pain, smell, see the smallest detail. Sometimes I feel like I travel to other times or places. Often I have dreams where I am interacting with a being that I think is rooted in reality. I mean that it's not just a dream but more like being on another plane of existence. My step-son is very emotional. I often dream of him when he is distraught. I think he has dream walker abilities and I am not so much dreaming of him as he is invading my dreams. I don't know what to do about this.

While I do seem to have the whole range of dreaming experiences, I cannot pick and choose what dream I will have. I'm not actively doing dream work anymore because it became too disjointed to my reality. I might be willing to try it again if I lived alone. I don't sleep deeply anymore in part because I am subconsciously listening for the boys. My mother-in-law told me she thinks her sleep apnea developed after she had babies. If she heard any noise during the night she would hold her breath and listen hard to figure out what she heard.

Dreams are fascinating to me. I really like trying to interpret them. I usually have good luck figuring out what mine mean when I write down the symbols or words and make of list of what those things mean to me. I will see reoccurring themes when I compare lists.

Jeanne said...

Thank you for your input!
When I was younger I has very vivid dreams as well as the deja vu episodes - I had a lot of them! But I never really explored the possibility of utilizing my dreams in magick. This subject has come up quite recently. The Universe is speaking to me.
It sounds like your step-son is seeking your assistance. Perhaps speaking to him about his dreams might help....
And Thank you for this series! I am enjoying it.