Friday, October 3, 2014

A Month of Witches & Magick- What I Learned About Transmutation Circles Day 3

The very first transmutation circle I tried didn't work. Or, if it did work, it wasn't working fast enough to suit me. I think I picked too hard of a problem to get rid of. I decided to try again with something simple, something I already knew and understood, and a building, not a banishing spell. Banishing takes a good bit of effort and it's not the best spell to try when learning a new magick.

My first try was a pentacle I drew myself. I decided to use a pre-drawn design for my second attempt. I printed out 4 different designs:
To figure out which design would work best, I used a pendulum. Or in this case, my star necklace.
Pendulums can be most anything that swings. I've used store bought pendulums, necklaces, keys, and needle and thread. The item itself isn't that important, it's just a tool to tap into your subconscious where the real power lies.
This is the design the pendulum picked based on my question which was about a new business venture. It is very important to word things carefully. I knew I could spend months looking for the perfect design which is why I phased the question as "Of these four designs, is this one best for my goal?" I held the pendulum over each circle until I got a yes answer. This was number three in the choices.

The next step was to go to my favorite sacred spot- my porch. I took my journal, colored pencils, and of course, the pendulum.
I asked where I should begin, which direction I should move in, and what colors I should use. As I colored, I wrote down notes. Gradually, things began to make more sense. While the pendulum lead me in directions I wouldn't have normally taken, as the coloring progressed, I began to see the logical order of magick.

Tomorrow I'll show you where I'm keeping the circle, how I activated it, and how it ties into my goal.

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