Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Month of Witches and Magick- What I Learned About Transmutation Circles Day 5

Because I found almost no information on how to use a transmutation circle, I studied other magick circles, starting with hex signs.
I love hex signs. Really, I love geometry. I also love bold colors. And being a country girl, of course I love barns. Hex signs usually involve all of the above. Magick is a tricky business. Some magick always works. Some magick works for certain people like runes working better for people with Germanic ancestry. Some magick just works no matter who uses it. Hex signs work for anyone, even if the person doesn't understand them completely. I've had good results with every hex sign I ever tried, even the ones I made up myself.
While it is helpful to understand what the elements of the hex sign mean, especially if you intend to draw your own designs, just copying a sign works too. But it will do what it was intended to do, not what you think it will do. However, all of them seem to have a beneficial influence.
I've always used small hex signs. I usually draw them on paper. When I worked in a day care, I put hex signs on my classroom door. Things were very peaceful while I had the signs up. I have drawn simple designs on my body when I wanted protection but not extra attention. Hex signs are very place oriented. If you are going to carry one with you, I suggest focusing on your place in life or the place you feel safest and wish to return to.
Generally, just drawing the hex sign is enough. I think this is because it is a recognized magick and whenever anyone sees one the collective consciousness of a people is tapped and the energy is activated. Hex signs, almost always being positive in nature, work with little effort. Magick circles on the other hand, may bring to mind Satan, black magick, and Voodoo. All the bad Hollywood press. So I think that makes them a little harder to work with because there is a negative association in the collective. This is like swastikas and Nazis. It doesn't matter if the symbol was originally for good, it has become corrupt in the minds of the people and it is almost impossible to do magick with it.

Tomorrow- crop circles.

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