Monday, October 6, 2014

A Month of Witches and Magick- What I Learned About Transmutation Circles- Day 6

Now we come to the largest circles in my studies- crop circles.

I don't really care who made the circles. It doesn't matter to me if crop circles are produced by aliens or hoaxers. This is beautiful art.
I think even if every crop circle ever recorded was made by humans the mathematics involved make them worthy of appreciation.
Crop circles aren't new. There have been several reports throughout the ages. What is new is that there seem to be more of them. Or maybe we just notice more because we now have airplanes.
People who visit crop circle sites have reported healing of physical aliments and strong emotions.
In the 80's there were several crop circles in America. There were reports of radiation, sickness, and violent behavior. Are crop circles now benign? Did aliens adjust their methods as not to make us sick? Were the reports falsified to keep people away? Did we evolve?
I think crop circles are magick. I think the symbols amplify the magick already present in the Earth. I think this magick manifests itself in people. I think crop circles are meant to change us. I think at the most basic level, crop circles are meant to make us more aware of our actions. I think they urge us to be more kind and compassionate towards all living beings.
Some crop circle researchers report seeing miniature crop circles in their homes such as imprints in carpet or very unusual reflections. Others find that crop circles reflect personal issues for them. This sounds very similar to the way Tarot works- Universal symbols with multiple meanings unique to the reader while the deck itself is fixed and unable to change.
I believe placing a crop circle in a place will change that place. I believe the residents will have greater awareness and begin to work towards a higher purpose. I this will happen even if they are unaware of the crop circle, say if one is drawn in the dirt in someone's backyard, or if a picture was displayed in a person's home, or even if someone drew a crop circle on a map. What would happen if we had maps of our communities and we covered the maps with soothing geometry? Would we let go of petty spite and co-exist in harmony? I think we would.


Aine O'Brien said...

these are fascinating. I feel compelled to work with circles. It does seem that each one has a different focus, but there are similarities in some of them too.

Jeanne said...

Love, LOVE this series! I excelled at geometry while in school. And have felt very drawn towards crop circles even before they were main stream. The same for hex signs. They have always been a huge draw for me. In fact, I love anything circular. I have never really worked with circles in any way shape or form though. I do believe it is about time I do....