Friday, September 5, 2014

What Do You Know?

After all these years of practicing my Craft, it shouldn't surprise me when things start to 'click' together. But every time things get to clicking I am amazed.
Unexpected beauty was my first surprise. I spotted these morning glories yesterday when I walked next door to my mother-in-law's house. This used to be an oak tree. It fell several years ago during a tornado. Then it became an ugly stump and a place to pile trash. Everyone always complains about vines but these are doing a great job of hiding an eyesore. Vines represent madness. It is a good idea to let a few vines grow. We are all a little mad.

In yesterday's post, I said I didn't know what I would put in my scales next. Will decided the scales were the perfect place for my dragons. I used to have six of these little guys. One went completely AWOL. The other was chewed up by dogs. The remaining four lived on the window. But when the window was open they fell out. Or maybe they jumped. I moved them to the top pane but they would either get knocked off the window or fall between the glass. The dragons seem really happy in the scales and again, the scales are almost balanced. I decided to focus on Dragon work for a while. I'm pretty sure the Universe will let me know when I need to change things.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful flowers! I love the wildness of vines and how they refuse to be controlled. They are free spirits. I have a small Cerasee vine that I just love. How wonderful that things are "clicking"! Blessed are the Witches, for they are keepers of the Old Ways of Love for the Earth and all Her creatures. (From a board on Pinterest.) I think all the good juju you put out definitely comes back to you.

Jeanne said...

I've always let the vines do as they pleased. Though I would sometimes 'guide' them in the direction they needed to grow. :0)