Thursday, September 4, 2014

Use of the Scales

Mercury entered Libra on September 2. I thought that day would be an excellent time to start ritually using my scales as Mercury is about action and communication and Libra is the sign of balance. The scales are supposed to hang on my altar. The altar still isn't finished. I asked Will to find some nice decorative hook for my scales and he told me I had one- I just needed to take the wind chime off of it.

I huffed and ignored him. On the 2nd, I cleansed the scales, then started polishing them. They were really dirty. But the more I rubbed, the more they started to shine. Well, mostly shine. Some stains aren't ever going to come off. That just makes me love them more. I've wondered over and over who had them and how they came to be in the second hand shop where I bought them.

I held my scales up, grounded and centered, then affirmed to seek balance so that my life could be better. And since I had no decorative hook, I laid the scales on my altar.

On the 3rd I tried very hard to notice states and conditions of things around me. When you start paying attention to your world an alchemical process begins immediately. It is different just because you truly see it. If you are still and quiet you start to feel the vibration of the Universe. You realize anything you do can create change. You are the alchemist. But it's more than that; you can be the gold.

Yesterday evening, I told Will he was right, the hook was better suited to the scales than the wind chimes. He was eating dinner so he ignored me and my hint for him to fetch his drill.

This morning as I was waiting with the boys for the bus, I noticed my neighbor's property. Once it was an orchard. There are still fruit and nut trees in place. There's just a lot more plant life. I decided it looked haunted. If you look close enough, you can see what once was. The orchard is now forgotten, so it might as well be completely gone because no one picks up pears or plums from the tangle of bramble vines and honeysuckle. It is sad, so sad and haunting.

Soon as the boys were off to school I went in search of the drill.

I didn't want to attach the scales to the altar because I still have to paint it. After I hung it on the wall, I decided I was right and Will was wrong- this hook works better for the wind chimes. The scales wouldn't fit, I had to attach them with wire. But they are usable now.

My first work was with stones. I selected a large piece of amethyst. I am still doing darker work. I am back to the place where I stopped before. This time I'm going to keep pushing. Amethyst is excellent at removing toxins. I want to remove what is not good so I can learn and grow. To balance the banishing, I selected rose quartz and a greenish stone I found when cleaning the front room. Apparently, one of Will's sisters had a rock collection. Which is also where I found the amethyst. I intended to use clear quartz but the rose quartz and the green stone just spoke to me. I believe in intuitive power.

I placed the amethyst on the scale. It dipped wildly. Slowly, carefully, almost not breathing, I placed the other two stones on the right side. The scales rose in almost perfect balance. It leans slightly towards the left, which I think is a perfect metaphor for my life right now. The darker work weighs on me. Once it is done I will be able to grow and thrive and so will my family.

I haven't decided what my next scale ritual should be. I am sure I will know what to do when the time comes.

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