Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Your Lie Sent Me to a Between Place

I was going to talk about books today, but the ex is still creating drama. I think I was the reason she did it, but I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

After yesterday being so exhausting (well, the whole weekend really), I decided I wanted to take it easy today. I went to visit my parents. Dad gave me muskadines for Will's children. I dropped them off with his sister, then headed home to curl up with a good book.

I'm reading the manifesting book I ordered Creating on Purpose. It's about aligning chakras (energy centers) to manifest. The idea is when you work towards a higher purpose, and your body is aligned with Deity, then life becomes easier. Dreams become reality. I was reading a paragraph about creation happens on the edges of the unknown. In other words, you take what you know, wish for more or better, then move towards possibilities you have not considered before in hopes of creating. This made me think of 'between places' in magick- dusk and dawn, along the hedge, the shore, the top of the hour, cusps of zodiac signs, crossroads, and doorways. All these places and times are neither one thing or the other. They are full of potential because they are between. In a between place or time, things could go either way.

Magick performed in these places is always powerful. I jotted down notes including a list of places where I could possibly do magick. I thought about the edges of forests, doorways, my porch (neither in nor out), and river banks.

Will called while I was reading to say trouble was brewing. One of the children fell down and badly bruised his back. The ex decided to call the Sheriff's department and tell them that bruise was caused by Will being abusive.

Now the whole reason I think she did this out of spite/jealousy/anger is because once again she was on the porch at Will's house when I drove by. Her lie occurred less than an hour after I left Salem. Let's be honest- if she wanted to be vindictive, she had the whole weekend to do it. There was no reason for it to happen today. No one got in a fight with her. No one called her. No one wanted to see her or deal with her. What happened is she was alone and angry. When she saw me go past, she got angry that her ex-husband has a relationship while her life is in the toilet. And she couldn't get at me so she decided to get at Will.

When Will called me, I went into Witch mode. First, practical matters. I urged him to get an attorney. Second, I called his family to give them a heads up. And then I went to my altar to do protection spells.

At that point, all I could do was wait. When waiting it is best to keep your mind occupied. I took a walk. I walked along the woods and discovered a faint animal trail. A few steps into a section of woods I had never visited I found this:
It's two trees that have grown into each other. Even better, underneath is...
a between place. A perfect little between place in the edge of the woods near a creek. I could not ask for a better grouping of betweens.

I made immediate use of the trees. I cast a spell. What happened is Will didn't go to jail. Sadly, the ex, obviously high when the cops arrived, didn't go to jail either. But I didn't ask for anything to happen to her, only that Will and the boys stay safe.

I have discovered energy in the forks of trees. If you have a pendulum, and you walk around an area, the pendulum will give a different rotation when held over a forked tree trunk. You can also find different energy patterns over animal trails, ditches, springs, and large rock formations. This is ley line energy. I'm really excited to see what kind of pendulum results I get in this place. I'm going learn this energy. I want to know the best way to utilize it.

I love between places.

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Betty said...

That looks like a great place! I hate waiting and wish you luck!