Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Book Post

Finally, I getting around to the post about all the wonderful books I've received lately.

Borrowed this from my Dad. It's about growing fruit. It was written in the 1800's. This book has been republished and don't let the large size fool you- there is a 2 1/2 to a 3 inch gap/margin around each page. Apparently the publisher decided to reproduce the book as it was in 1830 whatever and I guess sheer stubbornness accounted for wasting so much paper. I suppose originally this was meant to be a pocket-sized book that one could read while in the orchard. The print is small. Very small. This is why my father isn't reading it. He can't see the words. I like the book. Nearly 200 years ago it was assumed intelligent people read books and the tone is decidedly different from the books I usually read. The books currently being published seemed to be either dumbed down or written in the simplest voice possible to make things quick and easy. One of the problems with having an English degree is 'editing' as I read paperbacks. If I am so busy picking out errors that I can't enjoy the story, then the book is no good. I enjoy getting my hands on something meaty.

Bought this little notebook for my mother. She always has notebooks with her. I thought this would be the perfect Christmas gift.

Had to pull this out to look up techniques. I checked this book out of the library a dozen times before deciding I needed my own copy.

This is the book Will bought for me. When I saw it on Amazon, there was no 'look inside' link so I wasn't sure if I'd like it. When I found it at Hancock's Fabric, I fell in love. Most of the projects are small to medium sized, but very detailed. The charts are in color and the color choices seem to reflect the natural world- grass, sea, sand, and rocks.

This is the manifesting book I've been talking about. Beside it is a journal I intend to use as a manifesting journal. Let me go ahead and warn you- there is often no difference between psychology and magick. This book is filled with visualization exercises to activate the chakras. (Visualizing is what Witches do to activate spells.) There is a paragraph in Creating on Purpose that states people often get confused or led astray by tarot, astrology, and I-Ching. The authors present 90% of the exact same techniques Witches use and they try very hard to present it as pure science, not metaphysical magick. Nice try.

In this envelop is the first three chapters to Bill's sci-fi manuscript. I have read it numerous times because I keep forgetting to edit! Bill asked me to edit and I find it hard to not get sucked into the story. But that's good! I think his book will sell!

Will also bought me a bookmark with my initial.

Not a book per se, but I've thumbed through it so many times the past few days I decided to include it. This is the latest catalog from The Stitchery. I like the catalogs because I get ideas for my own projects. I'm thinking of reproducing the quilt design on this cover, minus the Santa. I like to see what trends are popular, what other artists are doing, and of course, often I find something I can't live without.

I hope to talk about autumn magick in my next post. Cheers!

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